Why are people against sex education?


because it's disgusting and their are more teenagers now that are getting pregnant then when there wasn't any sex education


The above statement is false and sounds like it comes from a very young teen. I would say getting a unwanted pregnancy or get a STI because I'm not educated would be much more disgusting.

The US government spent a lot of the money that was supposed to be for sex ed on teaching abstinence and the number in teen pregnancies has stayed the same. The US is not different from any other country in this world when it comes to sex ed. When taught properly to ALL students it will bring down teen pregnancies. The knowledge you get there you will bring with you into married life and for the rest of your life.

The reason many are against it is because they have fallen for the myth that if you teach it more kids will want to have it when in fact it's the opposite. Wanting sex is due to hormones and falling in love, not something you teach in a classroom. Many also think it should be up to the parents but many parents don't know how and many kids are not comfortable listening to their parents about it. Those who believe in abstinence teach their kids nothing. It's a human right to know how your body works and how to be in control of when to procreate and how to protect yourself from diseases.