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Why are people losing their jobs?

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Because the economy is very bad

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Why did immigrants face prejudice?

people were afraid of losing their jobs

Why during the industrial revolution did people start losing jobs?


What was the percent of people losing jobs in Idaho for using marijuana?


How are people losing jobs?

The Illigal immigrants, bad economy and the bad reputation

How is the unemployment based on the economy?

If an economy is doing well, then there will be more jobs and less people unemployed. If an economy is doing badly, then people will be losing jobs.

Are Maquiladoras still losing jobs to Asia?

Yes, they are losing jobs to Asia. Sorry, but I don't know the answer.

Why are people losing there jobs?

Because the Economy Is really Bad And we Are basically having an economic Downfall.

How can make a sentence with disappointed?

We are all disappointed that there is a recession and that people are losing their jobs and forced to live on the streets.

How did the Great Depression affect the daily lives of Americans?

During the Great Depression people were barely surviving. People were losing their jobs, their homes. There was barely enough food or water. In that result people were dying off! The Great Depression affected their daily lives in many ways; people were losing their jobs, losing their houses, they had no clothes, no food, no water and no life. Most of the banks shut down and peoples accounts were cleaned out.

What are the most frequently reported problems with outsourcing?

People losing their jobs. Just an observation, not from any data sources.

What is a recession economy?

A recession is when the economic activity slows and people start losing their jobs and/or companies slow their hiring.

How does credit crunch affect the people?

This Affects people because there losing there homes ,jobs ect. and some cant even go on holidy...

Definition of picket line?

People who allow the companies who they are employed to, to continue to treat them unfairly beacuse they are afraid of losing their jobs.

What are some negative effects of technology?

losing jobs

How does the money effect the economy?

People losing their jobs, homes, and their ability to pay taxes, the United States has gone into an economic crisis.

How did the Portuguese treat the people of Brazil?

problems faced by Brazilian airports are discrimination and fear of visiting families in Brazil and losing their jobs.

What do people think about robots taking over the world?

Many people are afraid of losing their jobs to robots. They want to feel a sense of purpose in working and they want the income.

Why are people losing their jobs because of the economy?

because the economy is so that money is limited and bosses can't afford to hire or keep the employees.

How many people are losing there homes in winston-salem?

so far as homeless goes i know that there are a lot losen there jobs i did some research and fond out that over 55 people lose there jobs every day but 30 at the lest people are heard every day

Have movies or TV Shows influenced the way we live?

I would say so. We get our information from the TV, that's why the people who make newspapers are losing their jobs.

Why did banks fail during the panic of 1837?

after the war in 1812 trade began to decline jobs disappeared and so that sent america into a small depression from 1819 to 1822 and so the first years started with 50,000 people losing there jobs a foriegn critic said that half a million people lost there jobs.

Are people still being forced from their home and property?

Yes!!! in this gloomy economic climate there are Foreclosures!!!! People are losing their jobs, and with no way to pay their mortgages sadly, the outcome is they lose their homes.

How do robots affect your lives?

Robots affect lives by reducing costs, taking jobs away from people, and making the workplace safer. They are able to perform life threatening jobs without the risk of losing human lives.

How did the new deal change history?

it changed the american life because it gave people the opportunity to have jobs after losing them both because of the depression...hoped this helped :)

What are reasons that mortgage defaults are increasing?

There are several reasons that mortgage defaults are increasing. The reasons are people losing their jobs, increased interest rates, and down payments.