Why are people of Kali Yuga the present era considered as ignorant?

To know why people of Kali Yuga, the present era, are considered as ignorant, we must know how people of Krita (Satya) Yuga lived.

1. People of Krita Yuga used the Complete Original Human Interface of life (COHIL). Therefore, their knowledge was always reliable and they were masters of their fate.

People of Kali Yuga use Man made Human interfaces, that are meant for specific situations and they use them as though they are equally good for all situations. Therefore, they would always be at the mercy of fate.

2. The COHIL is three dimensional. The three dimensions are Reality, Integrity and Time.

1. The Reality dimension had seven stages.

1. Day dreaming
2. Illusion
3. Creativity
4. Stabilization
5. Determination
6. Status increase
7. Compulsion

Because of this,

1. there was a smooth, controlled and reversible transition from thought to action.

2. Every idea had to be compatible with all the seven stages.

In Kali Yuga, A thought is directly, uncontrollably and irreversibly converted into action.
This results in
1. Incompatibility of the action with some stages
2. Dominance of some stages,
3. Interchange of stages.
All these results poor quality of life, unpredictable life and even in mental disorders.

Time had four stages.
1. Whenever possible
2. Before
3. In between
4. Ever ready.

Integrity had four stages.
1. All activities are interconnected under all conditions.
2. All activities are interconnected in the best and worst conditions only
3. All activities are interconnected in the worst conditions only.
4. All activities disconnected

Because of the stages involved, they could use four different life styles called Varnas, for the four different states of external conditions.
The four states of external conditions are,
1. Ideal
2. Normal
3. Tolerable
4. Chaotic.

In Kali Yuga, there is no relationship between lifestyles and external conditions.

3. In Krita Yuga, by default, an action was executed in the half mature stage.

Rest of the activities of life made it completely mature. Because of this all activities were compatible with each other.

In Kali Yuga actions are executed after they become hyper mature.

Because of this,actions are totally independent of each other and their compatibility with each other can't be known.

4. People of Krita Yuga had Brahmajnana. Thus, if they had data of one situation they could predict how the data would be in any other situation.
In Kali Yuga, actions are disconnected. Therefore, they become helpless in presence of the slightest change.

5. In Krita Yuga the knowledge makes all activities to depend on the status or 'I' of the individual.
In Kali Yuga, data makes all activities independent of the status. This independence of activities from status or 'I' makes life of people of Kali Yuga meaningless.

6. People of Krita Yuga had equal knowledge of real world and mind.
People of Kali Yuga have an exaggerated knowledge of the material world and are totally ignorant of the mind.

7. The knowledge of people of Krita Yuga, maintained status quo and therefore an eternally sustainable life style.
The Data of People of Kali Yuga leads to false progress and an unsustainable life style.

8. The status quo maintaining knowledge of people of Krita Yuga enabled them to be active and take rest with equal ease.
The materialistic knowledge of people of Kali Yuga makes them hyperactive and rest extremely difficult.]

9. The Knowledge of People of Krita Yuga made each activity, by default, just 50% efficient, which they could make 50% during difficult times.
The data of people of Krita Yuga makes them, by default, absolutely efficient. Thus, in a crisis they become helpless.

10. The 50% efficiency of activities gave the people of Krita Yuga the best quality of life a human being can have.
The activities of people of Kali Yuga are, by default, more than 100% efficient. However, the quality of life is very poor.
Thus, people of Kali Yuga are 'Penny wise pound foolish'.

11. The knowledge of people of Krita Yuga enabled them to auto correct their life.
The data of Kali Yuga makes them to correct their life manually, a next to impossible task.