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Why are people so against plastic surgery?


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because it destroys your natural look and the way god intended you to be

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Well, people who have plastic surgery tend to look nicer. This developes a want of beauty, so people go to extreme lengths to almost compete with these people.

No, I think notNo.No, Paris has not had plastic surgery.

No! They didn't get plastic surgery! Time passed and people changed right? So the antis used their not-so-good photos, photoshop photos or the photos that were long time ago to "Prove" that they have plastic surgery. I believe they didn't!

Plastic surgery is named by the fact that a person looks as if they are made of ' Plastic " like a doll or toy after the surgery or after multiple surgeries.

Plastic surgery is very popular in LA because so many rich people involved in music/movies live there and they can afford to pay to look better.

I don't think so and the word "plastic is used as an adjective in "plastic surgery" meaning to shape and not from the synthetic material plastic.

Publicly, no one has gotten plastic surgery. So far, Jessica is the only one has already publicly announced that she has not gotten plastic surgery.

No - That's what the anti-SNSD said :< You know time passed and people's face changes right? So there must be a difference when people are 13 and when people are 23.They didn't do plastic surgery!

There is no right or wrong to having plastic surgery. If you choose to do so, then you can. If you choose not to, then don't.

I'm 13 and i really want plastic surgery on my nose because i get bullied about it if i could id have plastic surgery on all my face to make myself look pretty but my mum wont let me so id be willing to have it even though there are risks

what?is that a question to be ask? the question would be "is it maki horikita got plastic surgery?" if that so!..horikita did not get plastic surgery! she did not done a job like plastic surgery? people spreading that kind of issues maybe they are jealous to her beauty! and keep on spreading that issues! and maybe that issue is only on INTERNET RUOMURS!!

Someone like Joan Rivers presents its' regularity so therefore could be considered to 'encourage' plastic surgery. Others too have so much plastic surgery so that their quest for perfection of appearance probably affects others to follow that course of action. I'm not sure how anyone would answer more definitively.

She's had a rhinoplasty and possibly some other work.

You can receive plastic surgery under the age of 18 with parental permission only. Sometimes minors break their nose and have to receive plastic surgery to repair the damage, so it is done.

no she's all natural and still BEAUTILFUL so don't get plastic surgery... just use makeup

I thought there would be an age limit but you're never too old to have plastic surgery. People have surgery well into their sixties and seventies, so it really all depends on what kind of overall health a person is in.

Because some people think it looks too fake and is slightly "lower class." Also, it can some times go wrong so people disagree with spending the amount of money required. If you are considering getting plastic surgery, do a little bit of research before you go straight ahead!

Kim Kardashian has said that she has not had any plastic surgery done. So the answer is no she has not had surgery on her breasts.

I don't think so, cause from they're baby photos it doesn't seem like they had plastic surgery

It is believed that Sly Stallone has had plastic surgery, but he had never admitted it so how many times is unknown.

Because she has a plastic surgery

Ciara's Plastic SurgeryNo ciara didn't have plastic surgery. Answershe probably did Answerno she didnt cause she wouldn't be dating bow she didnthave it cause she wouldn't be engaged. AnswerUh, yes, Ciara DID have plastic surgery. Sadly, a new, thinner nose is more beautiful than a big flat one, etc.Answeryes she did and yes!People think she had surgery on her nose...which i agree with...look at her video "never never"

because plastic surgery in the topic of liposuction results in immense pain and if i had known how painful it would be, i would have never wasted so much money.

There are no statistics kept on that. The info is considered privalage health info so not public record.

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