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Performance skills are important in dance as they portray the dance scientifically 20% more better than the original dance. Dance can be changed for the needs for others but with added Performance skills.

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In dance, technical skills mean to have some of these in your performance;Strength, Stamina, Expressive, Extensive, Posture and Alignment.

Communication skills are among the most important skills in the managerial performance. The advantages of the communication are: 1)Dedicated employes 2)good relationship with the suppliers 3)And finally the most important,satisfied customers.

What are the interpretive skills for dance ?

Performance in dance means its what u are showing and facial expressions like smiling.

specific skills in sports are important because skills turn into performance. Such as athletic ability, knowledge, experience and God given ability. Examples are leaping, speed, coordination and teamwork :)

In job performance what will be the answer for problem solving skills?

the are skills you get from dancing

The first performance- UltraBlack- Rigid The second performance- UltraBlack- Machine.

The Capoeira is a three step, three beat dance also knowen as the Jainga a performance that includes swinging if the body, jump kicks, handstands , layers it is also an aggressive dance preformed in white costumes by men and now women it is non-contact dance eye contacted is needed ANYONE CAN PREFORM IT !!

If you want to be a dancer, you need to have a good sense of rhythm, confidence is always good and you need to be able to remember all the choreography.

Ballet dance and African dance are both performance dances.

Performance management is important in creating an effective workforce in your company. It helps HR leaders make sure that people are working in the positions that match their skills.

I had a performance on Friday for dance and i danced and sung perfectly.

Communication important for successful performance of a supervisor?" Communication important for successful performance of a supervisor?"

New York Dance States of Performance - 2010 was released on: USA: 2 February 2010 (Dance On Camera Festival)

Relations To The Director Performance skills.Relations With Anyone Else WHo is importantRelations With Other Performers

• Accomplishment of work-related tasks or skills by an employee or trainee -- may refer to specific skills or to overall performance

Modern dance has several different categorizations which include partner dance, solo dance and group dance. It can also be categorized by purpose such as performance, ceremonial and social dance.

A ballet is a classical form of dance, or a theatrical performance of such a dance, usually with music and in the form of a story.

to have technical skills in dance means you are able to perform at a better standard. For example, perform lifts etc.

Mainly so you dont fall over, but I find it helps alot with arm and leg lines. I think it improves your overall performance.

This field has become more important because employees need to learn new skills, advance their knowledge, and meet the challenges of technology in achieving high performance.

why are social skills important

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