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They eat a lot during the day if you have a food bowl out for them so, ya, they eat good and if yours is too fat, I suggest a weight loss program. I don't know if it works for guinea pigs but it might work.

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Do pigs have fat?

Yes, pigs do have fat.

Are gunia pigs fat?

yes, guina pigs are fat

Do peanuts make guinea pigs fat?

no they do not make guinea pigs fat !

What are periwinkle pigs?

they are fat pigs that fly

What does lipstick have in it?

pigs fat

Why did Egypt not eat pigs?

it had fat

Are pigs fat?

As a matter of fact pigs are not fat. Some can be really skinny. It depends on where the pigs live or how much it eat at some point. SO STOP CALLING PEOPLE NAMES LIKE THEY'RE FAT LIKE A PIG!!

Lard is the fat obtained from which animal?

Lard is the fat obtained by pigs.

Why are pigs so fat?

Pigs are not necessarily fat (although some are), they look large because of the length of their body core and their short legs make them seem like they are fat. Pigs carry alot of meat on their carcass due to the rates that they grow.

How are you most different in pigs?

we different from pigs becuz of our smell and we dont get eaten like pigs do and alos bec were not pink and fat will most of us right like teachers are fat!!!!!trust me!!!!!:(

What do guinea pigs see?

fat people

Do guinea pigs get fat when pregnant?


Why is there fat in suet pastry?

Because suet is pork fat. It is the hard fat around the kidneys in pigs.

Are fat pigs healthy?

Yes, fat pigs are healthy. But if obesity takes over your pig may become blind or deaf, and sometimes permenetly.

Is bacon made of pig fat?

no bacon is made from the pigs rib cage and the pigs shoulder.

Which pigs are fat?

the adult pigs. Baby piglets are quite skinny at first but when they get older they get fatter!

Are guinea pigs fat?

Yes. It makes them cute.

Lard is the fat obtained by which animal?

pigs or pork

What types of gelling agent are vegetarian?

pigs fat.

Soap contains animal fat from what animal?

From pigs and whales.

What componets make up fat?

Pigs, cows, broccoli.

Why are pigs called pig?

Because they are fat, they snort and they are pink!

What is the genre of the book pigs might fly?

because they are fat

How did the Tudor warship Mary Rose get its name?

Fat pigs!

What is the function of fat bodies in pigs?

To keep warm of your body