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Because they don't want to regret it in life that they killed someone's love one and he/she doesn't want it to happen to them.

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Q: Why are police afraid of saving people's lives when something bad happens?
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What is the work of police?

to take the care of all peoples

Afraid to file a FIR?

Reports indicate that in most cases even the police are usually afraid to file the FIR.

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What happens when police dogs sniff crack cocaine?

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What happens when you lie to the police?

You could face charges of obstruction of justice, or impeding an investigation. If you lie to police, they could suspect you of having something to hide, or that you would not make a credible witness.

What is the authority to protect the peoples welfare safety and health?

Police Power

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What are the tasks of police?

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Why are people afraid of answering 911 related questions on this site?

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This man keeps ringing you and you dont know who he is so what shall you do?

Call the police if you are afraid of him.

What happens after FIR?

nothing police will do after fir

How do people help police in their work?

In most cases, the help that people give to the police is in the form of information. People have seen something, heard something, or for some reason know something that will help the police to locate or convict a criminal.

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What has the government done to protect peoples lives?

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