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Why are pollen grains so tiny?

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Because of their size, they can travel in greater numbers (for wind-pollinating plants), creating a better opportunity for pollen to reach it's "destination".

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Tiny grains found on the anther?

Anther is where the pollen is made, so the tiny grains are pollen grains.

Why are pollen grains tiny?

pollen can be found in a florw

What are the tiny grains that make seeds when combined with a flowers eggs?

The tiny grains are called pollen.

Tiny grains that contain the male cells of a flowering plant?


How is the stigma adapted to trapping pollen grains?

The stigma is sticky so it can trap pollen grains

What is the name of tiny grains in honey used to identify its'' origins?


Name two ways that plants ensure that their pollen grains have a greater chance of reaching the female part of their flowers?

they produce a tiny tube that the pollen grains travel to the egg cell.

What are Pollen Grains?

pollen grains are little grains in side a flower

What are pollen grains made of?

there made of pollen! that's why they are called POLLEN grains

Are pollen grains formed within the stigma?

no the anther produces pollen grains

What pollination involves the transfer of grains from a?

pollen grain so pollination involves the transfer of 11. ________ grains from a flower'stamen to its stigma. the _____ is pollen

What is the function of pollen grain cells?

Matured pollen grains contained sperm cells. When Pollen grains are sticky, you have pollen. Pollen grains are contained in the pollen sac, with the purpose of helping plants reproduce.

What is the transer of pollen grains to ovules?

It contains a tiny egg nucleus which will fuse with nucleus of the male cell.

Why are pollen grains produce in large nos?

Not all pollen grains produced turn into seeds. Only some of them are carried by insects and a few are put in other flowers. So a large number of pollen grains are produced.

Pollen grains develop in what?

Pollen grains develop in the anthers of a flower.

What are tiny granules produced in the anthers of flowers called?

Tiny granules produced in the anthers of flowers are called pollen.Pollen (this one was so easy!)pollen

Which part of the stamen contains pollen grains?

The Anthers hold the pollen grains

Where are pollen grains located in flower?

Pollen grains are located in the anther of flowers.

What are the differences between pollen grains and seeds?

Pollen grains are formed in the anthers by meiosis; seeds in the ovary by fertilizationPollen grains are very tiny, even microscopic; seeds may be as small as 1mm across to as large as 50cmPollen grains are a single cell (similar to sperm); seeds are multicellularIts function is to carry the male characteristics of the plant to fertilize the egg cell; seeds are there to develop into a new plant when the conditions are favourable

Where are pollen grains produced?

pollen grains are produced in pollen sac of anthers which are present on the male gamets of flower

What produces pollen grains which develops in the sperm?

Microspore mother cell after undergoing meiosis produces pollen grains, and the pollen grains during germination produce sperms by undergoing pollen mitosis.

Which part of the plant contains pollen grains?

Flower> Stamen> Anther> Pollen grains.

What will you say that anther forms pollen or pollen grains?

anther is a bi lobed structure inside this pollen grains are formed by pollen mother cells

Why pollen grains from wind-pollinated flowers are small and light?

Light and small pollen grains are easier to lift by the wind; so even the lightest breath of air will take pollen flying

Which aids in pollination when plants transfer pollen grains?

The wind aids in pollination when plants transfer pollen grains. Insects can also help in the transferring of pollen grains.