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Polygamists are prosecuted because polygamy is illegal.

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What are polygamists?

Answer: Polygamists are people with more than one spouse.

What do polygamists do?

Polygamists have more than one spouse. Typically they are male with multiple wives. See polygamy.

Why did Mormons immigrate?

They moved to Utah because they were being prosecuted by people. People today say they were being prosecuted for polygamy, the real reason they were being prosecuted and started moving to Utah was the governor was worried he would lose the upcoming elections because he and the Mormons didn't get like each other.There were so many Mormons that weren't going to vote for him that he got rid of them.He passed laws making Mormonism illegal and prosecuted them. So they moved to Utah. However Mormons were polygamists at the time, they gave that practice up long ago.

What is the name for the houses that polygamists live in?

Polygamists live in all sorts of homes. Some polygamists live in one large home with everyone under one roof. Some polygamists have a seperate home for each wife, these homes may or may not be near to each other. Other polygamists have a home with multiple apartments in it (similar to a duplex or townhome), so that each wife has their own space. It all depends on what the family can afford and what their preferences are.

What are shower clothes worn by polygamists?

There are polygamists of nearly every religious and cultural background around the world. Most of them do not wear clothing to bathe or shower.

Are there any black polygamists?

Yes. There are actually probably more black polygamists than any other race, polygamy is commonplace in many parts of Africa.

Were NFL Steve Young's parents polygamists?

No. Steve Young's parents were not polygamists. They were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church), which has excommunicated any members practicing polygamy since 1890. Steve Young's great great great grandparents were polygamists.

How many polygamists are there in Utah?

It is pretty much impossible to count how many polygamists are in Utah because polygamy is illegal and most polygamists try to hide from the government. Their marriages are not legal and therefore not counted, and in the census all parties are considered single parents. It has been estimated that there are a few thousand polygamists in Utah, most of them living in small towns in central and southern Utah, but there are some living in the suburbs of Salt Lake City.

What are the release dates for Polygamy USA - 2013 The New Polygamists 1-6?

Polygamy USA - 2013 The New Polygamists 1-6 was released on: USA: June 2013

What religon are polygamists?

Well they are most commonly associated with the Mormon church/

Does polygamy allow arranged marriages?

It all depends on the religion and culture of the polygamist. There are American Christian polygamists, which typically don't allow arranged marriages, and then there are Arab Muslim or traditional African polygamists, which might.

What state has the highest population of polygamists?

While there are polygamists in almost every state, the highest concentrations are found in the west. Utah and Arizona have the most, but Texas, Wyoming, Montana, and Missouri all have notable polygamist communities.

What state do polygamists get the least jail time?

In Rhode Island, polygamists don't even get jail time, they only pay a $1,000 fine. Hawaii has the least jail time for a bigamy charge - 30 days.

What crime if committed successfully can not be prosecuted?

Suicide is the only crime you can't be prosecuted for.

What is the person who is being prosecuted called?

The person who is being prosecuted is called the defendant.

When were the jews prosecuted in the ghettos?

As outside of the ghetto; when people committed crimes, they were prosecuted.

Who was poseidens wife?

He had MANY (greek gods were polygamists) but I think the main one was Amphitrite.

Is Barlow a polygamist name?

Barlow is a common name among fundamentalist Mormon polygamists.

Frame sentence for the word prosecuted?

several peoples was prosecuted for casting fake votes.

Are there anti Mormon polygamists?

Yes. Although most polygamists are not 'anti' Mormon, they are simply 'non' Mormon. The Polygamists who consider themselves part of the LDS/Mormonism movement do not agree with the teachings of the mainstream Mormon Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They generally don't fight or protest against the Church, but both sides do try to draw a line of distinction between their faiths, each believing the other to be apostate. Polygamy exists in other cultures and religions as well, such as Islam and Christianity. Most of these polygamists are also not 'anti' Mormon, they simply have their own beliefs.

What is a sentence for the word prosecuted?

The criminal was prosecuted for his crimes in a court of law and judged by a jury of his peers.

Who prosecuted Saint Peter?

Peter was imprisoned and prosecuted under orders of Roman Emperor Nero.

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