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Q: Why are polygraphs not always reliable?
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Are polygraphs admissible in the Colorado court system?


When is a polygraph test necessary?

Legally, polygraphs are generally not admissible in criminal trials, and are therefore rarely, if ever, used. In general, polygraphs are not considered reliable enough to be scientific evidence. However, people will often volunteer to take a polygraph as part of a criminal investigation. Oftentimes, private companies and government agencies require polygraph examinations as part of the hiring and continuing employment process. In this case, a polygraph would be necessary to get/retain the job.

How reliable is the Wikipedia?

its a good place to research but its not always reliable.

How is billington study reliable?

It is reliable because it can be replicated. Always remember if it can be repeated it is most likely reliable.

Can you ask the state police to administer a poloygragh test if you have been accused of something?

You can ask but they do not have to administer one, Polygraphs are still not proven to be 100% accurate and therefore do not always hold up in court.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers always have correct or reliable answers?

They are not always reliable, but they are mostly. This is because they are written by ordinary people like you and me who don't always know everything, and get stuff wrong.

Is a reliable test necessarily valid?

In my view reliable test is always valid.

Is texting or emailing more reliable?

Texting is more reliable people aren't always around their computers

Is a first person narrator reliable?

No, not always.

Is always reliable?

sometimes yes.

Is ziinga reliable?

No,it has a catch to it ALWAYS.

Were Polygraphs used in the Anastasia trial of l938 in Germany?

No, the 'lie detector' (polygraph) was not yet invented.

How would you use reliable in a sentence?

Like this: 'I can always count on my mom to pick me up on time because she is reliable.'

Are deluxe apex systems reliable?

"Deluxe apex systems are reliable, but with all systems, there is always room for error. The key is to make sure that the system has been installed properly and that it is always being periodically checked."

How is Hephaestus reliable?

As a god, Hephaestus can always be counted on to be around.

Is HIV antibody test reliable?

Not always are the tests successful

The writer believes that eyewitness accounts of a crime aren't always reliable?


Google The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects?

The selective use of polygraphs by corrupt FBI officials must stop! No one is above the law, including FBI Director Robert Mueller, who conspired to cover up the Pan Am Flight 103 incident. Google "Quadri-Track ZCT"

What are the strength of filipino characters?

well, reliable always do the work on time!

Are paper boats reliable?

Not always, water gets in and sinks the boat.

Is the Internet a reliable source?

is the internet a reliable source wikipedia's the internet, so not always!

Where can one find reliable car parts?

The best place to find reliable car parts is through a car part store. Some people like to shop at junk yards but their parts are not always reliable.

Is online investment information always reliable?

No. You can hardly trust anyone, let alone class such important infortmation as reliable. Let alone from the internet, on which any idiot can have their input (ironic that I am offering such a reliable response ;) )

What do you call a person that always keeps his promises?

Someone who always keeps his promises could be called reliable, trustworthy or dependable.

Should polygraph test be allowed in court?

Polygraphs should generally not be allowed into court as evidence. They are not 100% reliable. They can falsely show deception when the person has certain medical conditions, so an innocent person could fail the test. Likewise, a criminal can learn how to pass the test, and it helps if they already have psychopathic tendencies. So a guilty person could pass the test.