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Lanterns were carved from these plentiful gourds.

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Q: Why are pumpkins associated with Halloween?
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What is a sentence using the word associated?

An example sentence using the word 'associated' is: As a child she always associated pumpkins with Halloween.

Why is orange a Halloween color?

Because it is the color of pumpkins and autumn leaves,two things strongly associated with Halloween.

How many Pumpkins Used at Halloween?

Pumpkins can be used for many things like pumpkin pies, and are even associated with Cinderella, but what is the main use of pumpkins? Jack-o'-lanterns of course! It is said that 99 percent of pumpkins are used to carve jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween!

Why are pumpkins carved at Halloween?

It's a tradition to carve pumpkins on Halloween, when the pumpkins are carved they are called jack-o-lanterns.

Does England celebrate pumpkins for Halloween?

Yes, pumpkins would be a feature in England for Halloween.

What is the purpose of pumpkins on Halloween?

Pumpkins are often used to create jack-o-lanterns on Halloween.

What modern tradition that many perform during halloween is probably associated with the roman holiday of pamona?

Painting Pumpkins

Why do people have pumpkins on Halloween?

to celebrate the Halloween day

What do you do on Halloween eve?

put pumpkins out ready for Halloween?

What do you carve for Halloween?


What foods are associated with Halloween?

The most popular Halloween foods are: apples, pumpkins, candy, cinder toffee and candy apples, pecan tart , pumpkin muffins and squash casserole.

Do people carve pumpkins for the day of the dead?

No, they carve pumpkins for Halloween.

Was carving pumpkins associated with the harvest season before Halloween?

Yes, but it also included the carving of other root vegetables like turnips, parsnips, and potatoes before carved pumpkins came about.

What were used before pumpkins for Halloween?

The Irish used pumpkins for Halloween but when they went to America they did not have pumpkins so they used onions instead. Gradually the use of pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns have become more popular.

How many pumpkins are sold at halloween?

There are an estimated 3.7 millions pumpkins sold at Halloween each year. People use the pumpkins as decorations and also to make pumpkin pie.

What are some good pumpkins craft for halloween?

There are many great crafts that you can do with pumpkins. You can carve them into different shapes and faces. You can also paint landscapes and scary faces on pumpkins for Halloween.

What are Halloween lanterns usually made from?

Halloween lanterns are traditionally made from pumpkins; some people use plastic imitation pumpkins.

Where can you get pumpkins?

Pumpkins are available in stores during the Halloween time. Either that or you can get them on a farm.

Do pumpkins grow in Japan?

Pumpkins can grow in Japan, but they ripen too soon for Halloween

Why do people use pumpkins at Halloween?

Well it was only to scare people, it is Halloween

What is the link between Halloween and pumkins?

By coincidence, pumpkins usually ripen at Halloween.

S good Halloween decoration?


What do Halloween ghost eat?

Ghost pumpkins

Do they use pumpkins to celebrate Halloween in China?


What is the reason for carving pumpkins on Halloween?

for decoration