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Why are pure metals soft and their alloys are hard?


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January 30, 2010 8:12AM

why alloys are harder than pure metals

Materials are harder the more difficult it is to make their atoms slide past each other. This is relatively easy in pure metals because all atoms are the same size, and "slip planes" along which movement is easy are present. Alloys contain 1 or more other types of metal atoms which don't fit nicely into the parent metal's crystal structure and make the slip planes "bumpy" - so they are harder to slide along = harder.

Some of the metals in their pure form are softer by nature. They are to be made stronger by adding suitable elements like sliver and copper to gold

When it comes to Cast Iron this metal is hard. By adding carbon, nickle ,silver etc the Iron can be made malleable. The Metallurgy will be the subject to deal with this.