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because they drink water

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Are roaches attracted to water?

i think so. i put out salt water which i needed for a project then after a day i found three dead roaches in it.

Do negative energies attract roaches?

No, roaches are attracted by sources of food and water and warm, dark places to live.

Are roaches attracted to milk?


How do you know that you have roaches?

Roaches are attracted to smelly vagina. So you probably should call an exterminator..

What is a roach shelter?

Roaches are thigmatrophic, meaning they like pressure on their bodies. They can usually be found in cracks around the cabinetry in the kitchen or bathrooms (being close to water) depending on the variety on roaches. Roaches, like all other organisms are attracted to food and water, so food available to them or unsanitary conditions will attract roaches.

Are roaches attracted to color?

i want to know the answer too

Do roaches live in houseplants?

Yes, cockroaches can live in houseplants. Roaches are attracted to organic things like soils from houseplants. Keeping the houseplants watered can help in eliminating the cockroaches.

Can all roaches fly?

no not all roaches fly only water bug witch is a roach

How long can roaches live without water?

Roaches can only live without water for 1 month. They can survive without food for 3 months.

Is lightning attracted to water?

Lightning is attracted to water and if you're surfing it'll be attracted to you

Will water be attracted or repelled by a phosphate group?

water will attracted because water is charged

What is it called when a water molecule is attracted to a substance?

When water is attracted to other water molecules it is called cohesion. When water is attracted to other substances it is called adhesion.

What is the term given to something the is attracted to water?

When water is attracted to water it is called cohesion. When water is attracted to other materials, it is called adhesion. This occurs because water is polar.

You own a club and cockroaches crawl into the empty beer bottles why?

roaches are attracted to alcohol. in order to eliminate roaches, one method involves leaving a little bit of beer in a bottle standing upright covered by a sock or pantyhose. the roaches will then be able to climb the glass easier. you will find them dead inside the bottle after some time.

Are flies attracted to light?

No flies generally aren't attracted to light but they are attracted to sugar water. More sugar than water.

A substance that attracted to water molecules?

A substance which is attracted to water is generally known as hydrophilic.

What came first roaches or dinosaurs?

roaches, because roaches produce dinosaurs

What color are roaches?

Roaches are brown?


form_title= Roaches form_header= Have the pros exterminate roaches. Where did the infestation start?*= _ [50] How long have you had roaches?*= _ [50] Have you tried any other remedies?*= () Yes () No If so, what kind?*= _ [50]

Do crikets eat roaches?

no they eat baby roaches and roaches eat baby crikets

Are the tails of phospholipids attracted to water?

one end is attracted whereas the other end repells water.

What kinds of insects commonly live in washrooms?

water bugs, roaches ants

What do water frogs eat?

they eat bugs such as"wasps,roaches,beetles,andso on"

What is hydrophilic?

is attracted to water; to like water.

What end of a phospholipid is attracted to water?

the glycerol part is attracted because it is hydrophilic, while the fatty acids are fat soluble so they are hydrophobic and not attracted to water