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because if

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Q: Why are roses different colors?
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Can some roses be different colors or can 2 colors of roses morph together?

roses can be different colors but there are no roses that have 2 colors morphed together

Angiosperms called roses come in a variety of shapes and colors as a result of?

Roses come in a variety of shapes and colors because of cross-pollination or hybridization of roses having different characteristics.

How many different colors are there of roses?

there is - whit,red,pink and orange

What are the meanings of the different colors of roses?

Red - Love Yellow - Jealousy

Is there a such thing as a white rose?

roses come in different colors. one of them is white

How many colors of roses?

rose colors (5):WhiteYellowredpurpleorangethey are the main colors but they come in different shades

What is the birthday flower for the month of May?

The birthday flower for the month of May is Roses. The roses have a lot of different colors such as red, pink, white.

What do the different colors of roses symbolize?

There are many different colors of roses. You can also dye roses, so some of the colors probably don't exist in nature. Red roses stand for love and romance. Pink roses stand for kindness and friendship Orange Roses stand for a new beginning, or "I want to be with you" Yellow roses stand for happiness and joy Green roses stand for many things-luck, envy, calm, peace, nature, etc, as the color green stands for these things as well Blue roses stand for mystery and imagination Purple roses stand for enchantment, or, love at first sight White roses stand for purity and innocence Black roses- which happen to just be an extremely dark shade of red- stand for death.

What is the plural possessive of roses?

The possessive form of the plural noun roses is roses'.example: I love the variety of the roses' colors.

What are some colors of roses that can go in a bouquet?

There are many different rose colors that have different meanings. Here is a guide that will help explain your purchase,

Why are roses in colors?

it is natural

What two colors were roses up until the 19th century?

The natural colors of roses are yellow and pink. White and red roses are merely variations of a pink rose bred for darker or lighter colors.

What is some information about roses?

A rose is a type of flower. Roses are also very old. They are about 35 million years old. There are also many species of roses. There are about 150 species of roses. A rose is a type of flower that looks like it is curved inside. MOST women like roses in their bouquets. It looks very beautiful. Roses come in many different colors and forms. There is a lot of history behind roses. The leaves of a rose can be small, medium, or even large. Roses can also be different heights. This 9s some information about different types of roses.

What colors are roses?

pinkredred & whitewhiteyellow

What is the scientific name for purple roses?

The rose is a type of flowering shrub and the scientific name for purple roses is Rosa.The flowers of the rose grow in many different colors, from the well-known red rose to yellow roses and sometimes white or purple roses.

What do all the colors of roses mean?


How do humans see different wavelengths of light?

As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.

What do the colors of roses signify?

The red roses signify love, it is usually given from a man to a woman to show her his love for her -

What colors do roses come in?

red, white,yellow, pink, and orange are the colors that roses come in naturally. However, there are certain colors, like blue, green, purple, and even black that are artifically colored, but its still a real rose.

Why do roses have red roses?

The roses just come in a variety, and red is the most romantic of colors. If you want the most vibrant bunch, visit sites such as Rose Source.

Is rainbow roses real?

yes, two people invented them by cuting the stem of the rose and putting them in different natural colors or something like that. you can buy the flowers somewhere but i'm not sure where. but, in conclusion, yes. Rainbow Roses are real.

How do you make rainbow roses?

You start with a white rose. Then you split the stem about one inch with a very sharp knife or scissors. Each section of the stem is put into different color dye water. The roses absorb the dye and change to rainbow colors.

What are some colors of roses?

They come in red ,yellow ,pink ,and sometimes blue

Are there different color roses than red?

Yes, one that is especially in my memory is a yellow rose, different types of roses can have many different colours

What do different colors mean?

what do different colors mean