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Why are seeds considered a more effective means of reproduction than spores in a dry environment?


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because seeds can store food and nutrients when spores cant, so seeds have a better advantage of surviving in a dry environment.

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The reproduction of mushrooms relies on spores.

During sexual reproduction spores develop from male & female sporangia are different structurally and functionally whereas during asexual reproduction all spores are alike.

Spores are unnecessary to asexual reproduction.

They are used for reproduction.

reproduction occurs in fern plant by producing spores

Corn, an angiosperm, reproduces by seeds instead of spores. This is a form of sexual reproduction. No angiosperm reproduces with spores.

The structures that mushrooms use for reproduction are called spores. These spores are spread by wind, rain, animals and other natural causes.

They produce spores and/or do vegetable reproduction.

act as a means of asexual reproduction.

The main difference is in the genome of the offspring. Asexual reproduction leads to offspring that are nearly genetically identical to the parent. Sexual reproduction involves a shuffling of the genome to produce genetic variants in the offspring. In asexual reproduction, the spores are produced by mitosis. In sexual reproduction, the spores are the result of meiosis (though they can divide mitotically afterwards to produce many spores from a single meiotic division).

A sporophyte is a plant element that carries the spores. The spores are the male reproduction seeds, that grow out to a whole new plant when fertilised.

Spores are Asexual reproduction in plant. This mean that spores contain both female and male reproductive organs, so plants with spores reproduce on their own.

They are a form of reproduction for plants, usually ferns.

through the process of asexual reproduction

Both are ment for reproduction .

the structure of the fungi that carries out reproduction si pieces of hyphae/spores

Yes, mold spores are used for reproduction of molds. You can say they re-product only in this particular way. The process they follow for reproduction is called sporulation.

The spores germinate to form the gametophytic plant body on which sex organs are produced for reproduction.

No, spores are produced when conditions are favourable for the growth of the fungus. Sexual reproduction usually occurs if the organism senses that its spores will not have a substrate to grow on.

Spores are produced during sporogenesis, which is found specifically in plants, algae and fungi. No animals currently produce spores as a method of reproduction.

the two methods are reproducing from seeds or spores

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