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Q: Why are small Spiders called Money Spiders?
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What is the fear of small spiders called?

Arachnophobia <applies to all spiders big/small>

What is a spiders bum called?

A very small one

Do money spiders bite?

yes money spiders do bite they are extremely dangerous and will kill you if they bite! money spiders (jumping spiders) are in one of the top worlds dangerous spiders and there is still no existing cure for if it injects its venom into you many people have died thinking the money spider is non affective and of cute because it is small please do not be fulled it is DANGEROUS!

How long do money spiders live?

Money Spiders are very small and kept in the right environment, with the right food, your spider will live for about 1 month! Maybe 2!

Flies spiders scorpions and other small hard-bodied animals are called?

They are called arthropods.

Can a bear eat spiders?

no cause spiders are small

What is the correct name of a money spider?

Money spiders are part of the Linyphiidae family of spiders.

What are baby spiders called?

Baby spiders are called spiderlings.

What is a group of spiders called?

A group of spiders is called a cluster or clutter. Spiders belong to the group of animals called arachnids.

What can you feed spiders?

Crickets small froges and other spiders

Do bluebirds eat spiders?

Yes, but only small spiders.

Can frogs eat spiders?

Yes, frogs eat spiders, small insects, and other small creatures.

Are money spiders poisonous?

No, money spiders are not poisonous. In fact, it is a old folk tale that if a money spider is on you it means good fortune.

Is a group of spiders called a aracknid?

Spiders belong to a group of animals called arachnids. A group of spiders though, is called a cluster or a clutter.

What are a group of spiders called? a group

Do frogs eat spiders?

yes frogs do eat small spiders

Why are we afraid of spiders and not dogs?

because spiders are small and are really creepy

What is a group of spiders call?

A group of Spiders is called a cluster or clutter. Spiders belong to the group of animals called arachnids.

What are spiders and what inverbrates are they?

Spiders are eight legged creatures that make spider webs and eat insects for living. Most spiders aren't poisonous, and no poisonous spider will attack without reason. Spiders are about the size of a bead. That's small! Furthermore, spiders can be found anywhere. You also might see spider webs without their hosts. These are called cobwebs. Spiders are fascinating creatures. They belong in a group called arachnids. It is fascinating to explore the world of spiders if they weren't creepy.

Do money spiders hibernate?

money spider fans.

Do mice eat spiders?

yes mice will eat spiders and small insects.

Do all spiders have spinneret's?

yes if not they r not called spiders they are called alpadoneian apaneira

What kind of spider is small and black?

There are probably about a hundred thousand different small black spiders on Earth.

Can small spiders bite?

No they cant.

Can spiders be as small as a freckle?