Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Why are so many girls sexually active if they are three times more likely to be depressed and attempt suicide than sexually inactive girls?

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2009-02-18 23:35:23

== == * Where did you hear that, in your abstinence-only sex ed

class? whoever told you that information, probably either made it

up or distorted it in some way or isn't accounting for other

factors. don't believe it without having more information. having

sex will not make you depressed and suicidal, this is propaganda. *

Oh how I wish there was an easy answer for this question.

Unfortunately no easy answer exists. There are many reasons that

teenage girls become sexually active. Peer pressure. Curiosity.

Intimidation. And the list go on and on. Through education, they

can stop. It needs to start at home and continue within

circles of friends and school. It needs to start with the changing

of the moral code. Sounds like and insurmountable task doesn't? If

you try and I try, and we get our friends to try, maybe we can

start the ball rolling. Ready, set, GO. * The truth behind this

from my opinion is that once you lose your virginity- it's not

something you can simply ask for afterwards. Think of it this way,

you're having sexual relations, thinking your in love, but then one

day/evening your partner leaves you. You gave away something you

cannot have back. I'm not sure how much sense that makes, but be

reminded that this is only my opinion. Now am I saying one should

never ever have sex? No, not at all, but wait until you and your

partner are ready for it. * I think you may have this backwards.

Your question implies that, for teenage girls, having sex leads to

depression and suicidal tendencies. There probably is a correlation

between early sexual activity and depression and suicide, but it

seems much more likely that girls have sex before they are ready as

a way of trying to escape or deal with their depressed feelings.

If, for example, one is feeling unloved or worthless (a symptom of

depression), having sex is one way to try to make that feeling go

away. This is NOT to say that all teenage girls who have sex are

troubled, but that the percentage who are depressed or suicidal may

be having sex for the wrong reasons. Remember, if the above

statistics are accurate, 75% of sexually active teenage girls are

not depressed. answer second from top does not say how many of

those teens that are depressed have a family history of depression

that is just stupid. I think girls that are inactive how a history

of being more depressed and you don't know how there life is at the

time of when they try or actually succeed

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