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In the US, you would have a School of Architecture as a part of the University. School of Engineering, School of Business, etc - all part of the University. For example, there is a School of Law at the University of Virginia.

In certain other countries, when it talks about a school, it refers to the standard of education you are legally required to take. A college is where someone goes to achieve a slightly higher, more specified level of education, For example, As or A2 levels, this is often attached to a high school, and a University is where you can go to get a degree in something. Also, if it is a school for adults as such, a school will teach you how to do something, whilst a college or university will give you a diploma.

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What college is in Honolulu?

There are several colleges in Honolulu, including the University of Hawaii, Honolulu College, Kaimuki Community College, and others.

Where are the best bible colleges?

Depending on where you are from and what you are looking for in each college there are many different great bible colleges including Clearwater Christian College, Patten University, Pacific Union College and many others.

How much does college tution cost?

It depends on the college. Some colleges are REALLY expensive, others aren't expensive at all.

What are the you the names of the top medical colleges in Odisa?

Top medical colleges in Odisha include VSS Medical College, Hi- Tech Medical College & Hospital, MKCG Medical College, Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, KIIT University, Shikha O Anusandhan University, Aum Sai School Of Nursing, and many others.

What should you get on your SAT if you want to go to a 4 year college?

It would totally depend on the school you want to go to. Some colleges take lower scores than others. If you want to know about a particular school then as again about that particular school.

Is there a college in Chicago Illinois?

HAHA! Of course, there are lots of colleges in Chicago! Roosevelt University, Northwestern, Columbia College, Shimer College, DePaul, Loyola... among many others! However, the only independent liberal arts colleges in Chicago are Shimer College and Columbia College Chicago.

What are the names of colleges under NEET?

The names of colleges under NEET include Asaam Medical College, Dibrugarh, Silchar Medical College, Silchar, Jorhat Medical College, Jorhat, AN Magadh Medical College, Gaya, University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi, and many others.

What school in Orlando Florida can you attend with Belford High School diploma?

With a properly accredited high school diploma, you can attend any college, community college, or university. However, admission into any school/college depends on your high school grades, financial situation, and many other factors. Some schools and colleges are more difficult to get in than others. ------------------------------------------- Be sure to check with an intended school to make sure they will accept Belford's diploma because this school does not have an accreditation from an CHEA or USDE approved accreditation agency. <><> Not all public and private sector schools and colleges accept high school diplomas from other schools.

What is the motto of Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas?

The motto of Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas is 'Men for Others'.

What is the motto of Mission College Preparatory High School?

The motto of Mission College Preparatory High School is 'Women and Men for Others'.

The Price is Much More Affordable at Community College?

Paying for community college is much cheaper than financing the education you would get at a university. Community college finance options are found easier than others because the school is smaller and the tuition is not as high. Community colleges will accept scholarships and grants just like any other school, and you can use the extra money for school supplies or living expenses. If you live in a city that has a community college, try beginning your college career there and then go to a larger school.

If you don't get accepted in any college you applied to do you still have a chance to apply to others?

Of course you do! There is no limit as to how many colleges you can apply to. There are hundreds and hundreds of colleges in the U.S. Try doing some research to search for more colleges that suit your needs and wants. And if you're still in high school, talk to your guidance counselor, Hope i helped!

Does taking the AP world history count as college credit?

It depends on which college you get into or apply to, some colleges do not accept AP as a college course, whereas some others do accept AP as college credit.

Can you get into a SUNY college without taking SATs?

Contact the specific college you wish to apply to. Some SUNY "colleges" are 2-year community colleges and others are 4-year universities. Each one has its own admission requirements.

Top ten colleges in Karachi?

The list of the top 10 colleges in Karachi includes: Karachi Medical and Dental College, Dow Medical College, Meritorious Science College, Sindh Medical College, Pakistan Swedish Institute of Technology, and Adamjee Government Science College. Others are: Pakistan Shipowners' College, Liaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry, MDH college for boys, and Fazaia Degree College.

Do you have to have gcse's to do photography at college?

well to do photography in most colleges you need a minimum of 5 GCSE's, but in a few others you may not.

Did Plato go to college?

No, colleges came centuries after Plato died. He did create an Academy where others, including Aristotle, studied.

Where can I choose a college and how?

You can apply for college anywhere you want to but it doesnt mean you will get in. For some colleges you have to have a really good grade point averadge and others you just have to an okay GPA.

Where is the first forest university established in India?

Bharati Vidyapeeth was established in Pune, India in 1964. This university is not dedicated strictly to forestry, but now has many branches throughout India. In order for any school to be called a "university" it must contain multiple colleges, typically a college of business and a college of arts and sciences, among others. A department of forestry would be one division of a more general college of agriculture.

Are prep school GPA's adjusted upward in the college admissions process to compensate for tough standards?

Many of the top colleges do know that some schools (prep schools and private schools) have tougher grading standards. If you're applying from a prep school, the college admissions office is likely to know more about your school than others and will likely compare your GPA to other prep school students from the same.

Which college football conference gives the most scholarships?

There is not one college football conference that gives more scholarships than others. Football scholarships are given by the actual colleges.

What is the motto of Xavier College Preparatory High School California?

The motto of Xavier College Preparatory High School - California - is 'Forming Men and Women With and For Others.'.

What are some affordable online colleges?

Affordable online colleges include Western Governors University, University of South Dakota, Chadron State College, Eastern New Mexico University, Chadron State College, Southern Arkansas University, and many others.

What colleges do they have in Rhode Island?

Among others there is the University of Rhode Island with four campuses, Brown University and the Naval War College.

Does the Chicago school of professional spchology have a flag like others schools colleges and or universities?

No Flag, but there is a logo/symbol associated with the school. See Links below.

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