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It is because of it's genetic. Every type animals and plants has it's own unique combination of genetic. So some flowers are tall and some short due to this reason.

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2010-05-03 16:29:15
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Q: Why are some flowers tall and some short?
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What are some characteristics of a short plant with flowers?

short with flowers

What plants are in the grassland biome?

tall grass and short grass

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What plants live in a woodland biome?

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Why is Gregor Mendel so unique?

Gregor Johann Mendel discovered many of the laws of genetics before humans knew what a gene was. He experimented with plants like peas with flowers of different colours and discovered the relationship between dominant and recessive genes. He did this by taking the pollen from peas with one set of characteristics and fertilising the flowers of peas with different characteristics. He noticed that some genes were constant. If he bread tall peas and short peas he would get some plants that were tall, some that were short but none in between. If the genes for tall and short were mixed he might get three out of four offspring that were short and the other was tall. This means the short gene is dominant over the tall gene. By then cross pollinating successive generations he could predict with some certainty how many tall plants and how many short plants he would get. He was born on July 22nd 1822 in Austria and died on January 6 th 1884 in what is now the Czeck republic.

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A mendelian experiment consisted of breeding tall pea plants bearing violet flowers with pea plants bearing white flowers The progeny all bore violet flowers but almost half of them were short?

c) The genetic make-up of the tall parent can be depicted as TtWWSince all the progeny bore violet flowers, it means that the tall plant having violet flowers has WW genotype for violet flower colour.Since the progeny is both tall and short, the parent plant was not a pure tall plant. Its genotype must be Tt.Therefore, the cross involved in the given question isTtWwÃ-ttwwâ†"TtWwâˆ'ttwwTtWwÃ-ttwwâ†"TtWwâˆ'ttwwTherefore, half the progeny is tall, but all of them have violet flowers.

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