Why are some humans afraid of ghosts?

First let us not use the word ghost, but spirit. When Lucifer was cast out of heaven, he took with him a third of the host of heaven to wonder the earth without a bodies, they remain in spirit form but have the power to manifest themselves to those whom they wish to entice.

Spirits do not go around moaning and groaning and rattling chains, there is no purpose in doing that. Each spirit has a purpose for being on earth.1. To entice an individual to The Dark Side of his nature or 2.One who comes from the presence of God to give a message, perhaps in answer to prayer, or to give some direction.

To test which one is which, ask the spirit (Spirits show themselves to be in human form) to shake your hand, if the spirit is of Satan your hand will pass through his, if from God you will feel his hand or he will refuse to shake your hand, a spirit from God cannot lie, he will still give his message.

A spirit cannot physically harm you, so there is no need to fear them, it is only their purpose for being there that one must be aware of.


because they see them and they can come up behind you not on purpose and it just scares you. answer some people are afraid because they think the ghosts have bad intentions or are sent from the devil