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It costs a LOT of money to camouflage a military vehicle with paint. A HMMWV costs, IIRC, $14,000 to paint in camouflage. The paint itself is very expensive and the labor to do it is also expensive. And remember, a HMMWV isn't very big. If you were to camo paint something like a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck, it would probably cost you $50,000. one does it. If you get a new vehicle, it's painted desert camo at the factory, but your old one is going to remain green. Don't worry, though...your old one will wear out real quick in the desert and you'll get a tan one anyway. If you think THAT's bad...I went to an air show at a small airport in North Carolina. There was an MV-22 Osprey there, so I started talking to the crew chief. The Marines had one Osprey camouflaged and paid a million dollars to do it. Now, as to uniforms: The current "Army Combat Uniform" or "Advanced Combat Uniform"--it has been called both--is designed for use in desert, woodland and arctic environments using the same pattern and colors for all three. Units are trained to operate in specific theaters. There are three basic camouflage schemes in use in the military, forest, desert and winter. Changing from one scheme to another takes time and effort. Soldiers and Marines are issued a set of uniforms at basic training, typically forest, since that is the area their training is conducted in. After that point they are responsible for their own uniforms, and receive a stipend to assist them. It takes time to acquire a new set when the scheme is changed.

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How many men and women are in the us military?

currently, there are about 3,300,000 men and women as active personel in the U.S. military.

Does the military still give widows pension to the widows of military personel?


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What is the Proper salutation for military personel?

If currently on active duty, the proper way is (rank)(last name). Example; Sergeant Jones, Major General Smith.

Which branch of the military has the most personel?

That would be the Army. The Army is the largest military branch the USA has

What are the parts of a Military-industrial complex?

The military personel, the military's corporate suppliers, and the government.

How many military personel will be at the London Olympics?

alot, about 900 or more

What is the legal age to drink for military personel on American soil?

21. It does not change because of military status.

Can non military personel wear military uniform or dress?

Legally? no. But if a military person finds you wearing something that you do not rate.....god help you.

Who works in area 51?

Military personel with special restricted clearence. What they do there is unknown.

How large is the Canadian Army?

The Canadain Forces consists of 75 000 active force personel, and 35 000 reserve force personel. This brings the total to 110 000 military personel. Edit: i dont know how old this answer is, but the army is now 115,000.

How many wounded soldiers in world war 1?

About 21,228,000 military personel wounded in total.

Military personel under 21?

Over 11,000 US teenagers were killed in the Vietnam War.

Is seal team 6 strictly naval personel or all brances of the military?

DevGru is All Navy.

Who are the housekeeping personel?

who is personel in house keeping

Can military personnel purchase handguns before the age of 21?

There is no exemption for military personel (other than they can carry a handgun on base if it is part of their job). Otherwise, military personel must follow the laws of whatever state they are in. To purchase a handgun from a licensed dealer, you must be at least 21, but some states allow people 18 or over to purchase handguns from individuals.

What is the duration of Personel?

The duration of Personel is 1.2 hours.

Do you have to wear a military uniform when you are on leave?

Depending on the unit, military personel may have to wear a uniform when leaving post and when returning. Generally though, they are not required to be in uniform unless they remain on post.

Where can you can get UFOs after missions?

UFOs aren't for sale. Any UFO's that may have been recovered would be in the possession of top military personel.

Can military purchase a handgun in tn?

Military personel can purchase handguns in the state where they are stationed, if they can show paperwork proving they are stationed in that state. In other words, they must provide a copy of their orders to the dealer.

Was mash banned on us military bases for its anti war message?

Yes, it was deemed to "reflect unfavourably on the military", the descision was made in march of 1970 and later overturned when it became apparent that it had no effect on the number of military personel who were seeing the film.

What is the military -industrial complex that eisenhower mentions?

It is a collaboration between the government, the high-up military personel and the military's corporate suppliers that ensures everyone involved becomes and stays wealthy and influential.

How many military personel died during World War 2?

Around 25 Million military personnel were killed during World War 2. Around 17 Million deaths were allied soldiers and the rest were axis military personnel.

Can you purchase a handgun legally with a military id in Alabama?

Military personel can purchase handguns in the state where they are stationed, if they can show paperwork proving they are stationed in that state. In other words, they must provide a copy of their orders to the dealer.

How do real Military Grade night vision goggles compair to the night vision goggles for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

obviously nothing close they are just toys and military grade are illegal to non military personel there is a 25 year sentence in the us

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