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It's all in the Propaganda of ads on TV and in magazines. If especially the young didn't bite into it all and just be happy with who they are and quit trying to copy what someone else looks like they would accomplish so much more in the world and be true to themselves.

This is how it goes. A famous pop star, movie star, etc., gets on the TV and advertizes make-up, but in reality, few of these actors even wear the make-up (they get royalties from their faces being on those ads). Many of them put out a line of clothes because they are tricking the younger girls into thinking that they could look like that pop star. One thing they didn't tell you, their diet in not so healthy (laxatives, not to mention bulimia and anorexia). They get cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery done. It's not so glamorous and many of them have come right out and admitted it. (More female stars are "letting it all go" and not risking their health for the sake of a few extra pounds.)

Oh, this is not the end of it. Then come hundreds of fad diets, and of course young women want to look their best, are made to feel fat or ugly and spend thousands of dollars on diets that don't work. Then there is the exercise equipment. Exercise equipment is a great thing and can help you get into shape for YOUR frame, but here's the kicker. In my day it was Jane Fonda and there she stood, tall, sleek and looking wonderful and telling anyone that would listen that "I exercise every day, and you to can look like this to!" She didn't add one small thing into that ... she finally confessed not long ago (although I already guessed) that she'd had plastic surgery!

Women are fighting back and tired of being cinched in, belted in, getting plastic surgery for larger breasts or a better nose that was near perfect in the first place. They eat sensibly, do exercise and whatever the outcome is on their frame is good enough for them.

On a program I just saw the other evening "Entertainment Tonight" it showed several female actors without make-up and they didn't look any different than any other woman walking down the street, and yes, they did have "saddle bags" and facial sags, not to mention underarms flapping and that almighty cellulite. Dark circles under their eyes from long hours of working, and poor skin. Even the young girls looked pretty plain without that 2 hour make-up job done on their faces, their bodies sprayed to look flawless and the good old body wraps that take off those unwanted pounds for a special event.

While young women look in the mirror all the time and worry about what they look like and how much they weigh, life is passing them by and some pretty good looking guys to boot. Men may look at a pretty girl, but they like to see girls "chow down" not picking away at a tiny salad, and they like a girl with a good sense of humor, a thinker and a doer.

Young women should be leaders and not followers. They feel trapped (in school or college) to follow the popular girls and to "fit in", but it's more important to be yourself and realize this is kid's stuff and you won't always be in school. Someone wise once said to someone who was one of the beautiful people in school, "When we graduate, I'll be your shrink in the real world!"

There are "beautiful people" that were blessed with good looks, and hopefully most have a good personality, but unfortunately there are those that use it to hurt others and make them feel as if they are ugly, fat and dumb. It never changes. Here is why "They are afraid to be different!" They need their own kind to exist and once they get out of school they are completely lost in the real world." That's the secret.

There are heavy-set women who are famous, so I don't understand what all the problem is about. Never be afraid to be stand facing the wind, striving to be different because you believe in something and you'll always win.


If you want an anorexic's reason, it is, "I have a strong desire to be well liked and well perceived by others." This desire became unhealthy and manifested itself in my physical appearance. I felt like other people saw me as fat even though I knew I wasn't fat. I became obsessed with it. It sucked.


First of all, let me tell you the truth. Being overweight, fat, obese, or super obese can cause you health problems, including an early death. Even Doctors said being thin is way better. Don't be so greedy that you kill yourself because of food. When you are thin, you can move more, have less problems for your body, and be healthier. Your body doesn't have to carry a lot of weight. You feel better. You can fit in your clothes. You have less health problems since so many organs can die of being overweight. If you are more active, you can burn more fat calories, be able to eat almost anything, and gain muscles. Remember eat healthy, exercise 2 to 3 days a week, drink water, and still be able to eat your favorite foods here and there. If we all did that, no one would be fat in this country or have such a risk of having health problems.

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Q: Why are some people obsessed with being skinny?
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