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  • People are racist because they are taught to be.
  • Many children are brought up racist by ancestors and they know no other way. Some are just plain ignorant. All racists are not happy unless they have someone or some thing to hate, we should pity them because that's all they have in life.
  • People are racist because it is easy to to pick on people who are different.
  • It's human nature to to oppose something different from yourself - people with glasses, someone with a cleft palet, people who like things you don't, etc.. race is just another whether you're black white Chinese middle eastern etc...
  • Actually some scientists suggest racism is a natural reaction that stems from when we are cavemen. If we compete naturally with people that aren't a part of our "clan" we can ensure more resources for ourselves and our offspring. We distinguish those that aren't in our "clan" by their appearance. One can argue that as humans we are naturally biased against anyone that does not look like us or our children, this tendency just tends to manifest itself more dramatically with skin color.

Many aren't. Some are, which maintains a cycle of racial division and friction. Some exploit racial issues for their own political or economic ends. And all societies and racial groups share a sluggishness in shaking off the shared notions of the past, including spurious racial stereotypes and mythologies.
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Q: Why are some people racist?
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