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Because their both sewn.

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A homonym why are some seeds like mittens?

they are both sewn

Why are some seeds like mittens homonym?

They can both be sowed (sewed)

What type of cat is mittens in bolt?

This question is too easy because I OWN a cat like Mittens in the movie Bolt. Mittens is not an alley cat. She is a tuxedo cat! All cats like Mittens look like they're wearing a tux.

What are snake mittens?

Snake mittens are obviously mittens for a poor snake's cold non-exsistant hands. Snake mittens are obviously mittens for a poor snake's cold non-exsistant hands. snake mittens are oven mitts that are shaped like snakes

What are some good male cat names?

I like names like Fred Sam frank tom Mr mittens some good girl names are princess boo sugar blossom patches lucky mittens and boots

Does mittens like bolt?


Can you get running mittens on eBay?

Yes, you will be able to find running mittens on eBay. Running mittens are great for cold weather or for people that just get cold easily and would like breathable mittens to keep their fingers warm.

What is meant by mittens women?

Mittens are some special kind of gloves. There are different sorts of mittens for women in different colors and forms. Mittens don't have fingers so one can only put the thumb in and the rest of the hand.

How do you say mittens in German?

mittens = Fäustlinge mittens = Fausthandschuhe

What is cat mits?

Mittens that look like cats.

How do you say mittens in Spanish?


Clothing starting with the letter m?

mittens (like gloves)

What part of speech is mittens?

mittens is noun

Is mittens an adverb?

No. Mittens is a plural noun.

What will you do if a goffin cockatoo steals your mittens?

I will get new mittens.

What is the main difference between kids mittens and adult mittens?

The main difference between mittens for kids and mittens for adults is the size range. Additionally, kid mittens typically come in a larger variety of colors, patterns, and prints.

What has the author Laura Maryon written?

Laura Maryon has written: 'Mittens, mittens, and more mittens!' -- subject(s): Fiction, Blind, People with disabilities, Christmas, Mittens, Grandmothers

Who is the voice of Mittens in Bolt?

Susie Essman voiced Mittens.

Kittens who lost their mittens?

3 kittens lost their mittens!!!!!!

How do you say mittens in french?

Mittens in french is moufles (f).

Who knits Barnie Sanders Mittens?

The Vermont school teacher knitted Bernie Sanders mittens

Which vegetables have seeds?

There are no vegetables with seeds. Some people think that tomatoes, cucumbers and kiwi are vegetables because they look like but they are fruits because they have seeds. And also, bananas may look like they don't have any seeds but they actually veg has seeds

What seeds do robins like the most?

Robins do not eat seeds, they consume insects, worms, and some berries.

Is birds are carnivorous?

Some birds are, most like seeds and things like that.

What are some seeds for minecraft?

This isn't a very accurate question, some seeds are 1337, or any other number you feel like putting.