Why are some teenage boys so shallow?

It's just youth mixed with uncertainly. However, there are spoiled teens and then there are teens with problems. I have found from talking to smart-assed young female/male teens they are actually very insecure, troubled and need to be noticed. Usually these teens stick out as being more popular, but inside of them, it's a different story. Then there are teens that lack a good family life or are too smothered, to parents who live through their kids and want their kids to be the best in everything including good grades, great at sports, etc., and the teens can rebel by taking their anger out on their peers. Thus, the bully! Young men's hormones are raging and sex is all sparkly, new, mysterious and those male testosterones are just screaming out for many young men to "become a man." Unfortunately, they are too young (without experience) for them to realize that there is more to life than sex and they can hurt someone that really cares for them without realizing it or sometimes just not caring. This also applies to teen girls. The so called "establishment" of each generation hasn't changed much. Many teens wants to be different, noticed and will do almost anything to achieve it. Even when they know it isn't right to pick on someone or make fun of them they go along with the crowd. They haven't learned independence and to learn to stand their ground on what is right or wrong. That comes with experience and maturity. There are a lot of good teens out there and I've met many, so, if you are going to high school or college then it shouldn't be too hard to find some of these good individuals. You may be picking the wrong group.