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No one really knows what determines a person's sexuality. Some people believe that homosexuality is a choice. Most gay people disagree, and weight must be given to them, since no heterosexual can truly know what a gay person's experience of his or her sexuality is. Most scientists and biologists agree that there may be an environmental component to sexuality (Nurture), but that most likely, the strongest likelihood is that sexuality is determined before birth, at the genetic level.

The truth is there are a bunch of theories out there, but no one can absolutely say what the right answer is. Some researchers and psychologists would like to point to past molestation, but that theory has been discounted - for every lesbian who was molested by a man as a child, there are at least 3 straight women who were molested similarly. As to bisexuals, they are as much a mystery as whatever the elusive reason is that some women are straight and some are lesbians.

Sexuality is believed to be biologically influenced initially, but all biologically programmed personality traits (such as aggression, intellect, ability to nurture) are subject to the influence of environment too. So a woman who might be biologically ambivalent (not strongly heterosexual or homosexual) could be tipped to the heterosexual by social programming toward raising a family or perpetuating the species but tipped to the homosexual by abuse by a male at an early age and rejection of the abusive sex.

As well, people are born with chemicals in their brains that stimulate sexual drive. Chemicals in our brains decide before we are even born who we will be attracted to. Thus, nobody can truly choose their sexuality; it's given to them, but depending on how their life goes or other factors humans can undergo changes in their brain which will allow them to gain a higher attraction from one stimuli or another, not changing their sexuality, only making it more defined to them. Choosing to act on your sexual desire may allow you to lie to the public, but if you like men you cannot change that. If you like women, you still can't change it, and if you like both men and women, well guess what, you can't change that either. Religion has nothing to do with this question and should not be in the answer. People cannot change their sexuality.

Spiritual or Religious Answers:

Women are not born gay, that is fact. It's set in stone no denying. It's a challenge given to some people to work through to turn to God. There would be no point in life if it were simple and easy.

Yes, God created everyone and gave us all a free will to do what is right. God does not condone gays or lesbians or else He wouldn't have said what he said in The Bible. I am not judging because I have had some very close friends that were gay & bisexual, and I am not a bible thumper to preach to anyone about what they do....God knows I have a closet full of skeletons as well.....

Answers from Personal Experience:

The first thing most of us have to understand about homosexuality is that it is not so much about sex as much it is about people. Consider a heterosexual couple, do we believe that everything that exists between them is a result of their sexual preference? Most of us would disagree. We are conditioned to believe that a heterosexual relationship is normal because it is more commonly seen, but what we need to think about is whether the less common things in life can be dismissed off as abnormal? Of course we've been living life on the principle that the less common happens to be abnormal but i strongly believe that anything nature has (or God for believers) created is a natural phenomenon.

Yes... the choice factor exists, but not in whether someone wants to like a woman or a man but in whether they want to act upon their choice once its made. today we debate and discuss sexual orientation so much because more and more people are ready to accept their natural feelings.

what we need to discuss is not "why" things are the way they are, because that's hardly important. whats more pressing is why we think its abnormal or a deviant.

if a man and a woman can fall in love without their orientation being talked about, so can the rest of people. AFTER ALL, we fall in love with people, not genders.

People do not 'become' gay/or lesbian. People simply are how they are. Think about it. When heterosexual people are asked if they could just start being gay if they decided to they almost always answer "no".

Woman become lesbians because they don't prefer men. They are not attracted to them as much or just don't like them as people or both. So they don't like them. They say that people are born gay and lesbian but are pedophiles born pedophiles? People can change their sexuality from straight to Gay without being born that way.

Women don't become lesbians we're all born differently, god created lesbians, gays, bisexuals and heteros in his own image at birth. We're all born the way we are.

Yes, they DO become lesbians and men DO become gay. You were not born that way. At an early age you may have an attraction more for the same sex or not....a LOT of times little girls that have been sexually abused OR mentally abused by males will truly hate males and identify easier with women. There have been women that never have had anything to do with a male sexually and no, they are NOT bisexual.

Well in my opinion I find the same sex more understanding. A guy says its difficult to understand a woman and women say it's hard to understand a guy so I stick to chicks. Plus being with a chick has its advantages since she's a woman too she probably knows what satisfies you better than a man.

Because they like women.

Women don't "become" lesbians...Women are either lesbians or not....They have the attraction towards women, or they are in love with women. In all honestly, the saddest part about hearing people ask questions like that is that they really have no idea what they are talking about. For example, men don't become "gay" either...They either are or aren't... So many people make bad images for others, and it's beginning to get sad over how so many people see the gay and lesbian community of today.

Women don't become lesbians, they just are. A BIG difference.

Ok. Some women become lesbians later on in life and others feel they have always been like that. The question is far too open ended. People are individuals and they all have their individual answers to this question. Personally I've always been into women partly because women have always been strong characters in my life and possible because men were rare in my childhood. I have also spoken to my mother and she has confessed to some homosexual tendencies during her teenage years.

Well,most people are lesbians because there probably just getting tired of a diffrent sex so they would like to try something diffrent .But if you know someone and your a girl,and one of your friends say that ''that they like boys.'' and they think other boys are hot that means they are hidding the feeling that they are a lesbian but there afraid to let it out. PEOPLE DONT BE AFRAID IF YOU ARE A LESBIAN just make sure you have the right friends to support you

because some women are sexually attracted to other women!

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Q: Why are some women lesbian?
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Some do and some don't.

Why are some woman lesbian?

Some women are born lesbian. Some are not.

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No, not all straight women turn to a lesbian lifestyle in their lifetime. However, there is a small percentage of straight women who have had bad luck with men in general and may choose to have a lesbian partner; or in a small percentage some younger women are talked into being bisexual or made to believe they should be in a lesbian relationship.

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because she/they is/are lesbian(s)

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Lesbians are already women.

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Wouldn't that technically defeat the purpose of being a lesbian?

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From what I have heard, it is common for girls to get turned on by a woman, because some women like watching lesbian porn, but are straight. It's strange. Straight men dont usually like watching gay porn but will watch lesbian porn, and straight women can like lesbian porn and straight porn, it's really strange.

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The difference is that Lesbian Women only are attracted to females and Bisexual Women are attracted to both females and males.

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Lesbians are women who are sexually attracted to other women most or all of the time. If you are primarily sexually attracted to other women, you are a lesbian. Enjoy!

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Homosexual men are gay, women are lesbian.

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Lesbians are women who are emotionally and physically attracted to other women. This is the only feature of being a lesbian.Lesbians are women who are physically and emotionally attracted other women. This is really the only feature of a lesbian.

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You are a man and you are lesbian so therefore lesbians like girls and you are man so you are a man who likes girls Is this correct?

Men are Gay not Lesbian. Women are Lesbian, and Bisexuals like both Men and Women.

Straight men are naturally attracted to lesbian women because they are more creative in bed adventurous and are all right with male interests?

Straight men are attracted to lesbian women because lesbian women have sex with other women...there is nothing deep about it, 2 girls is better than 1.