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because...they feel bad about themselves so they try and cover-up whatever is bothering them!

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โˆ™ 2009-10-30 22:55:20
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Q: Why are some women obsessed with their looks?
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What does it mean Zain malik is vain?

Obsessed with looks

What is g dragon obsessed with?

Apples, from the looks of things.

Why do girls and women become obsessed with men who are like Hercules?

Some women are attracted to the physical appearance of strong and healthy looking men.

What is the point of being obsessed with Justin Bieber?

Many girls are obsessed with Justin Bieber because of his good looks, singing talent and the type of music he sings.

Your boyfriend is obsessed with female ejaculation Is he gay?

Probably not. If he were obsessed with male ejaculation, maybe, but most guys interested in anything to do with women and sex are straight.

Is Selena Gomez obsessed with hair?

She may be but just because a person cares about how her hair looks doesn't mean she s obsessed. It means that she wants to look good... after all she is famous!

How do you use children's in a sentence?

The women had had 12 kids because she was obsessed with kids!

What is a dinomaniac?

Some obsessed with dinosaurs

Is Mariah Carey song obsessed about eminem?

She claims it isn't but it looks to be and most likely is. Eminem believes it is.

Why are most teenage girls obsessed with one thing or another?

Because we need some form of obsession in our life. For example: I am obsessed with Nick Jonas and Twilight. My best friend is obsessed with vampire novels and Twilight. My other best friend is (for some unfathomable reason) obsessed with Spongebob Squarepants.

Can men wear pom-pom socks?

Yes,why not,I do,get some odd looks usually from women.

Is Whoopi Goldberg pretty?

She seems obsessed with her own flatulence, and she looks and acts like a cartoon turd. Are you attracted?

Why are some girls obsessed with thighs?

Some girls, like one I know, are obsessed with thighs because they find their giggliness and piumpness appealing. Some girls are like this, others are not. Me and my fried, have another friend that will not stop talking about it. Sometimes she does it to amuse us, (of course we don't) but usually, she does it without knowing that she is obsessed with them. Some girls are obsessed with thighs for many reasons. It could also be that thighs are the flabbiest part of the body. !

Why some men want to marry a women who is more good looking than their sisters - why they compare their partners looks with sisters and why they want to have to do with sisters looks?

because pancakes

What are good things to write to women in emails?

tell them your true feelings and how much you really love them. and their looks women love their looks.

Who is the instagram username alexbailey and why is everyone obsessed?

My school is obsessed with her too. She just posts really good pictures of her and her friends and isn't afraid of what she looks like in them because she knows that if people ever meet her in real life they might as well know what she really looks like. plus she posts quite funny captions

Do Straight men looks at penis pictures?

It depends on the person, just as some women look at 'men's magazines'.

What were some of Aphrodite's flaws?

she was very vain and inlove with her own looks. she hated to be compared to other women or goddesses.

Why some women belly looks big during pregnancy?

The belly is big because inside is the baby growing

Why do some girls get obsessed with me?

They don't, your just a lil weirdo

Why are girls so obsessed with Taylor Lautner?

girls are obsessed with Taylor Lautner because of his hot abs, his gorgeous smile, his charm, his amazingly good looks, and more!! he is the full package!! one day, i hope to marry a guy like that, or even him!!

How many women has Tiger had an affair?

The number keeps increasing, some ladies want to make a quick buck it looks.

Why do ugly chicks like anal?

Some women of all ages, looks, sizes, nationalities engage in anal sex.

What is sold by Looks boutique in MA USA?

The Looks boutique in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America sells the latest fashions for women. The Looks boutique offers clothing for women that is contemporary and is currently trending.

What attracts women to men?

There are many different things that attract a woman to a man. It really depends on the woman. Some reasons are pretty straight forward, whereas others are very complicated. Some reasons are very deep, and others are more shallow.Looks are a basic cause of attraction. Looks aren't everything, but there will always be certain features that some women prefer. Some women will be attracted to men that are fit. Some women will be attracted to men with blind hair and blue eyes. Some women will be attracted to Mediterranean men. Looks will be very important to some women, and not so much to others.Financial status is an attraction to some women. They equate money with security and comfort.Intelligence is an attraction hot button for many women.PersonalityMoralsA high amount of empathyBeing a caring person