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Soybean is a cash crop and is also used in crop rotation to put nitrogen back into the soil.

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because it is the most important crop in the central plains

Corn, soybeans, and wheat are the top three.

There are many crops which are important to the Central Plains region including corn and wheat.

The central and southern Great Plains of the United States are known primarily for their wheat production. Other crops are also grown, including corn and soybeans.

Corn, soybeans, and wheat. Those are the ones that are grown mostly.

The Red River is important to the North Central Plains because it supplies water to animals.

The Red River is important to the North Central Plains because it supplies water to animals and also it helps with droughts and ALSO because its red

There are Central Plains in Wisconsin and in Texas. But the Wisconsin Central Plains, as well as the Northern Plains (part of the Great Plains) are included in the tall-grass "Prairie Plains" of the Midwest.

The city of the central plains is Wausau

the central plains are located in the middle west

No. Plain= not a landform. What are some landforms IN the central plains, though?

Sorghum, peaches, and hay are grown in the Central Plains.

Because it is very important in the North Central Plains.

Iowa ranks among the leading states in production of soybeans.

The Great Plains Hills and mountains also Interior Plains

What types of food ingredients are used in the central plains

Central Plains Mennonite Conference was created in 2000.

The two parts that make up the interior plains are the central plains and the great plains. The central plains are wetter, while the great plains are drier.

because it has lots of rain to let the crops grow faster then usual

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