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Why are stars so large?

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I would say that's a result of a tendency of masses to group together, as a result of the gravitational force. Also, the heat and the corresponding pressure inside a star keep them from collapsing - as long as they have fuel to burn.

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What color are the large hot stars?

The large hot stars are typically called "blue-white" stars or also Blue Giants. Cooler large stars are called Red Giants.

Why do small-mass stars have longer lifetimes than large-mass stars?

Small-mass stars have longer lifetimes than large-mass stars because large mass stars burn faster. This is due to the greater gravity found on large mass stars.

What is a large cool star formed when a star runs out of hydrogen is a?

The giant stars and the little stars runs out with their hydrogen, so I think you're talking about the giant stars.

The universe is so large that astronomers measure distance between stars in?

light years

Why do billions of stars appear as clouds or patch of light?

That happens when they are so far away that you can't distinguish the individual stars. Also, to appear as "clouds", there must be a large amount of stars together.

What is a large system of stars?

A large system of stars is called a galaxy. A galaxy has stars, dust, and gas that is held together by gravity. We are in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Why does the sun appear so large in our bright sky?

because it closer to earth than other stars so it appears larger

Why are the stars smaller than the moon?

Stars are smaller than the moon because they are further away. They're not actually smaller, its just because they are so far away. Stars are actually very large.

Which big the moon or the stars?

The moon is incredibly small as compared to any stars that can be seen in the sky, although because the moon is so close to Earth, it looks large.

What is a large grouping of stars in space?

A large grouping of stars in space is commonly referred to as the galaxy. This can also be called the solar system since planets are also types of stars.

What is a large group of stars?


How large are giant stars?


What is the life span of stars?

billions of years It varies, though depending on how large or small the star is when it forms. Large stars have shorter lifetimes, in the hundreds of millions of years. Small stars have longer lifetimes, tens of billions of years. This seems contradictory, but what happens is that the centers of large stars are compressed more because of the large amount of gravity. This causes the nuclear reactions that power the stars to proceed much more rapidly. Hence, in spite of the greater amount of material in a large star, the large stars burn out more quickly.

The given name to a large system of stars?

Typically, this is called a "cluster" of stars.

What is a large grouping of stars that contains mostly older stars?

A globular cluster

What type of stars turn into blackholes?

Large stars, about 10x the mass of our sun.

Where are pulsars located in space?

Pulsars are located every where around the universe keep in mind pulsars are neutron stars so that means they were formed by large stars that have aged and died out

What kind of stars form a black hole?

Large stars form black holes. This is so because it takes a lot of pressure when the star is collapsing to create a black hole.

What is different about a star from a planet?

Stars are bigger than planets until they finally collapse into dwarf stars. Stars are large enough to produce nuclear energy in their core, so they produce high amounts of heat and light.

What is the average number of stars in a large galaxy since there are trillions of stars in there?

it include an infinity amount of stars because it keeps making stars abd stars die

Why does your sun appear to be so large when it is an average size star?

As we are close to so it appears large, while other stars are far away This video should give you an idea, look from 0:30 onwards

What is cooler larger and brighter than main sequence stars?

Brightness is based on distance, so is ignored. Most large cool stars are red giants/supergiants and even hypergiants.

Are large stars bigger or is the sun bigger?

Some stars are larger than the sun.

The universe is so large that astronomers measure distance between stars instead of kilometers?

light-years, parsecs, and megaparsecs

What is the collective term given to a group of stars?

A collective noun for a group of stars is a cluster of stars (small group) and a galaxy of stars (large group).