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tanning beds suck because they are hot and smelly and they wash them.!

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Q: Why are tanning beds bad for you?
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How reliable are St. Troperz tanning beds compared to other tanning beds?

St. troperz tanning beds have very high customers satisfaction scores and reliability rankings. They are not the high end of tanning beds but they rank in the middle. St. Troperz tanning beds are very reliable when compared to other tanning beds. St. Troperz tanning beds are often used by professional tanning salons.

Do tanning beds harm your teeth?

Tanning beds use UV light to tan you, and dentists use UV light to whiten your teeth. So tanning beds help whiten your teeth, but whitening your teeth also breaks down the enamel. So yes, tanning beds are bad for your teeth, but so are whitening strips.

Can pregnant women tan in tanning beds?

NO, that is very bad for the developing baby.

Is tanning bad for you while taking cefuroxime?

Tanning on tanning beds is bad for you in general. It has been known to cause several skin conditions, and lead to skin cancer over time.

Where can I find more information on tanning beds?

I would recommend researching tanning beds on a review website called This website features recommendations for home tanning beds and what benefits tanning beds might have for you.

Do any tanning beds have temperature settings?

SOHO tanning beds have temperature settings

Can you use tanning beds while pregnant?


Where can I offer my tanning beds for sale? is a free website for buying and selling used tanning beds for sale and used tanning salon . They offer to sell or buy almost new and refurbished tanning beds.

Where On the Internet can you purchase a used tanning bed?

You can purchase used tanning beds at 2nd sun tan, USED-Tanning-beds website, e-bay, The tanning bed company, Sunco tanning, and many other sites that are listed if you google used tanning beds.

Is there a spa in the Cumberland, MD are that has stand up tanning beds?

No, there is no stand up tanning beds in Cumberland, Maryland. But, there are plenty of tanning salons!

How expensive are home tanning beds?

Home tanning beds will generally run you between $1000 and $2000.

Where can I find a good price on home tanning beds?

You can find cheap home tanning beds at:

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