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Why are teenagers important for tourism?

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Teenagers are important for this because they have the most money out of any of the age groups. For instance they have jobs but they do not have to pay bills and such and there parents also supply them with money. So they are usually the target for travel and such.

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What is the importance of tourism policy?

what is the important tourism

Important of tourism in the Philippines economy?

= Important of tourism in the Philippines do tourism contribute to the improvemrnt of economy and success of a business =

Why is the political situation of a country important for tourism?

Tourism are a very important component of the economy.

When did the tourism in Oman became important?

Tourism became important almost as soon as Qaboos took over. His father totally disregarded tourism.

Why teenagers are important to country?

Teenagers is the assets of every country so he is important in every country.

Why is a diet important for children and teenagers?

Teenagers and children are growing!

Why is tourism important in the dominican?

Tourism is important to Dominica and many small countries as it brings in foreign money.

What is the most important factor in tourism?

The most important factor in tourism is a complete tourism package. Tourists look for this type of deal when deciding on where they should go.

Why is tourism planning important?

it helps in are wheree tourism is still new

Why is accommodation important to tourism?

It is one of the sectors in tourism industry, which means tourism cannot function well if one of the tourism sectors is missing.

How important is tourism?

It is extremely important! Some economies even depend on tourism to survive. The United States makes tons of revenue off tourism every year.

Why is it important to study tourism marketing in the tourism industry?

It is important to study tourism marketing in the tourism industry in order to know effectives ways to reach people in order to encourage them to visit the area you wish them to visit.

Up to what extent tourism is important for a country and how can you ensure that tourism does not destroy tradition of a country and ways of life?


Why is tourism important to the US?

Tourism is important in the US because it brings in a lot of money and jobs for people. Tourism is also important to the US because it gives foreigners the opportunity to see what this country and the people are like.

What is a sentence for tourism?

Tourism is an important source of income for many countries in Oceania.

Why domestic tourism is more important than international tourism?

It's not they have no relation

Is tourism important to France's economy?

Yes, very important. Paris in particular provides significant tourism income for France.

Is it important to study the heritage tourism?

yes... for a great future in tourism industry or for a bright knowledge about tourism you must have all the knowlwdge about kindda of tourism. Heritage tourism is not just a kind of travel. eco-tourism, sports tourism, rural tourism, dark tourism, adventure tourism, etc are the kind of tourism. Study them too.

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Yes it is

Is tourism important in France?


Why is it important for the government and private sectors to work as partners in tourism?

why is it important for the government and private sector to work as partners in tourism barbados

Why is tourism ecologically important in antarctica?

tourism in antarctica is ecologically important because it has attractions which attracts tourist.these attractions are very special and are