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No animals live on the Antarctic continent. No animal that visits Antarctica's beaches to breed, such as sea birds and sea mammals, is on the endangered species list.

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Endangered animals mean that type of species is becoming extinct.

Animal species that are at risk of becoming extinct.

Some species are becoming extinct. It is due to various environmental factors. Deforestation, ozone depletion are some.

Over 8,000 species of animals are listed as endangered.

Animal species that are threatened are on the way to becoming endangered. Endangered animals are on their way to becoming extinct.

The number of animals and plants becoming extinct is on a rise, that is not to the exclusion of snakes. Therefore, there are a number of endangered snake species on each continent except Antarctica.

i think their not but some species might becoming extinct.

its not becoming extinct because its species is least concerned

The statement says that many species of animals are plants are becoming extinct, due to depletion of forests, which serves as habitats and protection for the animals.

Extinction is the rule, not the exception. Species have been thriving or becoming extinct since the beginning of life.

There is only one species of koala, and it is not becoming extinct.

Extinct species have none living on the earth Endangered species are in danger of becoming extinct

Those types of animals would be called "Endangered." The animals very close to extinction would be higher on the Endangered Species List.

So far, over 1,000 species of animals have gone extinct, and over 500 species of animals are endangered right now. It is hard to determine the percent of animals not endangered because animals are becoming endangered every minute.

The toucan is not in danger of becoming extinct. They are nowhere on the endangered species list.

Of course!Every day 30-100 species are becoming extinct due to deforestation!!! ...and that sadly doesn't include the other 100's of species we are wiping out in rivers, oceans, lakes deserts mts...etc...

Extinct means there are no members of the species remaining.

Yes. All animals have the potential of becoming extinct, especially those that are on the endangered, critical or threatened species list.

Well about 17 species of animals are extinct in just ONE HOUR!

They are considered an Endangered Species.

There are 2370 species of plants and animals on the US Fish and Wildlife Service website; see related links.

The hyena (there are several species) are far from becoming extinct.

a extinct animal that has no animals left in its species and a endangered animal has few animals left in its species

Most animals become extinct due to environmental factors. Things like the loss of habitat due to overpopulation of some species attributes to animals becoming extinct.

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