Why are the Chicago Cubs called the Cubs?

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In 1876, the Chicago White Stockings become one of eight charter members of the National League.
The White Stockings go on to win the inaugural National League championship. Using nicknames such as the "White Stockings," "Colts," and Orphans," the team plays in five different locations in the 1800s
In 1902, noting the youth movement lead by new manager Frank Selee, a local newspaper penned the nickname Cubs for the first time. The moniker prevailed over time and was officially adopted by the club in 1907. It is currently one of the longest running-and most beloved-alias' in all of sports
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What are the best books on the Chicago Cubs?

There are several good books on the Chicago Cubs. One is "The Complete Chicago Cubs: The Total Encyclopedia of the Team" by Derek Gentile. It provides a great overview of the Cubs. A more recent book release is "Da Curse of the Billy Goat" by Steve Gatto. This book about the history of the infamous ( Full Answer )

What is the curse of the goat on the Chicago Cubs?

\n. \n Goat Curse \n. \nThe Curse of the Billy Goat, or Billy Goat Curse is the name of an urban myth, superstition, used to explain the World Series drought that Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs have had to endure since their last appearance in the 1945 World Series, and their last World ( Full Answer )

Who are the current players on the Chicago Cubs?

current cubs players there are alot of players on the cubs but i can only name a few. there is carlos zambrano (pitcher), jaun Pierre, derek lee( first base),phill nevin( second base), alfonso soriano(out field),aramis rameriz(third base)Ryan dempster( pitcher), MAT MUrton( out field), Henry blanco ( Full Answer )

Who is a famous Chicago Cub?

A few come to mind:. Former Players Ernie Banks Ron Santo Billy Williams Fergie Jenkins Ryne Sandberg Joe Tinkers Evers Frank Chance. Current Players (who may no longer be with the Cubs) Alfonso Soriano Sammy Sosa Kerry Wood Mark Prior. Answer . Good stuff above! Here's ( Full Answer )

When was the Chicago Cubs first Game?

April 18, 1902 Actually, the Cubs were charter members of the National League and won the NL championship in 1876, the first year of the new Major League.

Who was the best pitcher for the Chicago Cubs?

The Cubs have retired the number of two of their best pitchers. No. 31 was worn by Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux. Maddux won his first Cy Young award in 1992 with the Cubs. Jenkins won the Cy Young in 1971. They are considered two of the Cubs best pitchers.

When did the Chicago Cubs become a team?

The Cubs became an MLB team in 1871 as a charter member of the National Association. They were known then as the Chicago White Stockings.

When was the first game of the Chicago Cubs?

In 1871 the Cubs was called the Chicago White Stockings and they played their 1st game on Monday, May 8, 1871 in the NA League. They beat Cleveland 14-12. . Their 1st game in the NL was on Tuesday, April 25, 1876 when they beat the Louisville Grays 4-0. Their name was still the Chicago White Stock ( Full Answer )

When was the Chicago Cubs founded?

The first game was in 1876...General Custer was being attacked at the same time. The first name of the team was "The White Stockings."

Chicago Cubs current manager?

The current manager for the Chicago Cubs is Rick Renteria. Heplayed 5 seasons in the major league for 3 teams. Before managingthe Cubs, he was the bench coach for the San Diego Padres.

What is the Chicago Cubs curse?

The started in 1945 when a man brought his goat into the stadium during the first round of the world series. He was later kicked out by Mr. Wrigley himself because people were complaining. When he was leaving the man and i quote said, " The cubs ain't going to win no more, the Cubs will never win a ( Full Answer )

How old are the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago National League Baseball team now known as the Cubs started in 1876 along with 5 other teams. So as of 2008, they are 132 yrs old.

Chicago Cubs no hitters pitched?

Well, this is a very qualified answer. The qualifiers are: Where do you draw the line in calling them Chicago CUBS no-hitters? --AND-- What truly qualifies AS a no-hitter. I'll clarify those two points in reverse order. Major League Baseball changed it's rules on this several years ago. It USED to ( Full Answer )

Chicago Cubs trade rumors?

See Towel Drills: A Chicago Cubs Blog to stay current on all the latest Chicago Cubs Trade Rumors: http://www.toweldrills.com/search/label/Chicago%20Cubs%20Trade%20Rumors

Chicago Cub dog names?

Sandberg, Fukudoggie, Grace, Santo, Ernie, Soto, Rami Wrigley, Addison, Clark, Harry ( if you don't know why I would pick this name then you shouldn't be a cubs fan), Lou,

Who played for the Chicago Cubs in 2006?

This is the roster of the 2006 Chicago Cubs:. Pitchers. 54 - David Aardsma 46 - Ryan Dempster 47 - Scott Eyre 37 - Angel Guzman 53 - Rich Hill 62 - Bob Howry 31 - Greg Maddux 49 - Carlos Marmol 45 - Sean Marshall 51 - Juan Mateo 52 - Wade Miller 44 - Roberto Novoa 48 - Ryan ( Full Answer )

How did Chicago Cubs get their name?

In the early 1900's the Cubs were called the White Stockings, but when they reformed their team by letting go their aging stars a newspaper in the area called them the Cubs because of their young team and the name stuck.

Why the name Chicago Cubs?

In 1902, noting the youth movement lead by new manager Frank Selee , a local newspaper penned the nickname Cubs for the first time. The moniker prevailed over time and was officially adopted by the club in 1907. It is currently one of the longest running-and most beloved-alias' in all of sports

Who was the Chicago Cubs manager in 2000?

That was Don Baylor whose first year managing the Cubs was 2000 and was fired after 83 games of the 2002 season. Baylor's record with the Cubs was 187-220.

What was the Chicago Cubs orginal name?

First, they were called the 'Chicago Colts', later the 'Chicago Orphans', then the 'Chicago White Stocking', and currently the 'Chicago Cubs'.

What is the Chicago Cubs theme song?

Well, when I was a kid growing up in a 'burb outside of Chicago in 1969, this was their song: . Hey, hey, holy mackerel, no doubt about it, the Cubs are on their way!. The Cubs are gonna hit today they're gonna pitch today they're gonna field today come what may, the Cubs are gonna w ( Full Answer )

What is the Chicago Cubs original name?

They began life in 1898 as the Chicago Orphans. I know they changed that to another name before they became known as the Chicago White Stockings.

Who was the picher for the Chicago Cubs in 1916?

The main starters for the 1916 Cubs were Hippo Vaughn, Jimmy Lavender, Claude Hendrix, and George McConnell. Vaughn led the team with 35 starts.. Other pitchers on the team were Paul Carter, Gene Packard, Mike Prendergast, Tom Seaton, Mordecai Brown, Scott Perry, and George Pearce.

When were the Chicago Cubs last in the playoffs?

2008. They were swept right out of the first round of the NLDS. 2010 marks the 102nd anniversary of the Cubs' last World Title. The longest Championship drought for an individual franchise in all of sports.

Who is better Chicago sox or cubs?

As of May 28, 2009. Cubs: 23-22 . Sox: 21-25 . Sox :. World Series titles (3) . 2005 • 1917 • 1906 . AL Pennants (7). 2005 • 1959 • 1919 • 1917 1906 • 1901 • 1900 •. WL Pennants (1). 1894. Central Division titles (3) [1]. 2008 • 200 ( Full Answer )

How many people are on the Chicago Cubs?

Every team has a 25 men active roster. There's also an expanded 40 man roster which contains players that are eligible to be moved onto the active roster if one of the players on the active roster goes to the disabled list, is released, etc..

Chicago Cubs record as of today?

Their season record for 2010, as of today, March 22 is 0-0. The season doesn't start for another 10 days or so.

What are facts about the Chicago Cubs?

As of the 2011 season, Chicago is experiencing the longest current drought in world championships. The last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908 -- 103 years ago. The last time the Cubs appeared in a World Series was in 1945. . Wrigley Field, where the Cubs have played since 1916, opened ( Full Answer )

Who is the 2010 Chicago Cubs manager?

It was Lou Pinella for most of the season. until he retired on August 22. The reason given was that he wanted to spend more time with his ailing mother. Third base coach Mike Quade took over as the interim manager for the duration of the season and following the season he was given a 2 year contract ( Full Answer )

Who was the announcer for the Chicago Cubs in the 1950s?

If you mean TV broadcaster, the answer is Jack Brickhouse, who did Cubs games on WGN from 1948 to 1981. If you mean PA announcer, it was Pat Pieper who announced at Wrigley Field from the Cubs' first year there in 1916 through 1974.

How many curses do the Chicago Cubs have?

Some people like to say that the Cubs have the curse of the billy goat. But in truth, there are no real curses, just poor players, poor coaching, poor management, etc. that have produced the longest championship losing streak in pro sports. One of these years, just maybe they'll put it all together ( Full Answer )

Why did the Chicago Cubs become popular?

There are probably several reasons. Without doing a study on the subject, I would say that part of the reason is that the games were usually day games and broadcast on WGN which was syndicated on cable TV. Another reason is the aura around a team that has not won a championship is over 100 years. Th ( Full Answer )

What is the Chicago Cubs current roster?

You can always find the Cubs current active roster on the official Cubs website. There's a direct link to the page in the related link section below.

What was the lineup for the 69 Chicago Cubs?

The most common lineup (not the batting order) was C. Hundley 1B. Banks 2B. Beckert 3B. Santo SS. Kessinger LF. Williams CF. Young RF. Hickman P. Pitcher You can find information about the lineups of any game by clicking on the related link in the related link section.

How much are Chicago Cubs tickets?

Chicago Cubs are a great team and you will love seeing them in action. The tickets to go to a chigago cubs game range from $10 to $100. These seats will be nosebleeds for the cheapest and field level for the most expensive.

What can you do if you lose your Chicago Cubs tickets?

Going to a Chicago Cubs game is a great experience for anyone. If a person loses their Chicago Cubs tickets, they can contact their local box office to see if replacement tickets can be issued.

Who were the Chicago Cubs playing in the episode of ER called Ambush?

"Ambush" was the much-ballyhooed live episode of NBC's "ER" that aired in the Eastern and Central time zones on Thursday, September 25, 1997. During the Season 4 opener, hospital personnel watched a telecast of the Chicago Cubs-Houston Astros game that was being played in real time at the Astrodome. ( Full Answer )

What is the first game of the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs are a Major League Baseball affiliate and have been playing since 1870. Their first game was in 1870, which was followed by a five-year hiatus until their first complete season in 1876.

Who can wear a Chicago Cubs hat?

Anyone can wear a Chicago Cubs hat if they are a fan and or like the design of the hat. These hats can be brought for both male and female hat wearers.