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During the 17th through the 19th centuries every square inch of Ireland was owned by some great landlord, either and Englishman or a wealthy Irish Protestant. The vast majority of productive agricultural land was given over to sheep farming or raising crops for export to England. The poor Catholic Irish had to make do with trying to raise food on marginally arable land. There was very little that would grow on the acres they had available to them. Potatoes are a hardy crop that will grow almost anywhere and produce abundantly. As a result potatoes became not merely a staple of the Irish diet but were often the only thing they had to eat. Thus they became known as potato eaters or potato people.

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Q: Why are the Irish called potato people?
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What did Irish people do to overcome the Irish potato famine?

the Irish people tried to come over the potato famine by moving to different countries

What was the cause of the Irish potato famine?

A disease called Potato Blight

Why is potato grown in France called Irish potato?

the french are taking the credit.

What fungus is called the Irish potato famine?

phytophtera infestans (sp?) - potato blight

Why did Irish people emigrate to Scotland?

Probably as a result of the Irish potato famine of the 1840s.

What was the variety of potato that Irish potato farmers grew during the potato famine?

Lumpers. ... until the crop was affected by blight which destroyed the crops and then there were none. That's why it it ended in the Irish crisis called the potato famine.

What are Irish people called?

Irish people as a nationality are just called "Irish".

What was one effect of the Irish famine?

Many people starved to death during the Irish Potato Famine, when potato blight caused the potato crops to wither and die in the fields for a couple of seasons. Many Irish people chose to emigrate, mainly to America.

How did people feel during the Irish potato famine?


What did people do to survive during the Irish potato famine?


What was the reason Irish people came to America?

the potato famine

Why did Thousands of Irish people died in the 1840s?

Cause of [ POTATO]

Who is affected by the Irish potato famine?

The rural people of Ireland.

The irish potato famine of 1846-1847 was caused by a?

The potato famine of 1846-1847 was caused by a potato disease called Blight

Why did the Irish immigrate to the North West?

Something called the POTATO FAMINE!

What was worse. the Jewish holocaust or the Irish potato famine?

personally, i think the potato famine was absolutely worse than the Jewish holocaust.... the potato famine killed a million irish people.

Who did the potato famine effect?

Allot of poor Irish people were effected.

The caused many Irish people to immigrate to the US?

Potato Famine

Which group of people came to US to escape the potato famine?

the Irish

What is mashed potato's called in Gaelic?

In Irish Gaelic: brúitín; in Scottish Gaelic: ?

Which potato contains more electricity - white potato Irish potato or a sweet potato?

Irish potatoes do have more electricity!They are also the yummiest!

An irish famine in the mid 1800s killed over one million people this famine was caused by protists attacking what crop?

the potato crop was attacked by a fungus called potato blight

What is the mold called that caused the Irish potato famine?

The potato blight caused the famine, the species being Phytophthora infestans.

What is an Irish potato?

an Irish potato is a mode-ed brown potato potato is was caused by the rain in the summer which caused the famine because potato's died if && they had to eat cornmeal or grits

Why did the Irish potato famine end?

the Irish potato finished because the mold had stoped growing