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Why are the Lakers so good?

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The Lakers are good because they have many talented Basketball players on their team, as well as a good coach. They are a good group of players who work well together as a team.

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Are the Celtics better than the lakers?

Heck no. Celtics are good but the Lakers would stomp them so bad.

Are the golden state warriors good?

not compared to L.A Lakers, so ... no

Why are Lakers good?

because of me

What is a good team?


Who in the Lakers can make all the teams to lose by the Lakers?

Kobe can make the Lakers a very good team, as he is a very talented player.

Did Cleveland cavaliers play the lakers in the final?

No they didnt play the lakers because BOSTON played them nd lost to the lakers So the lakers won the championship

Is lakers better than the cavs?

i don't know there both good because on the lakers theres Kobe Bryant and on the cavs theres the lakers

Is mike brown a good coach for the lakers?


Why does Kobe Bryant so good?

he has a killer jumper and can be really clutch at the end of games. That's why the lakers are so good..he's become a complete player and is still in his prime

How good were the Lakers when they first started?

Very good...They won the 3rd 4th and 5th NBL (National Basketball League) championships as the Minneapolis Lakers

What does lakers stand for?

The Lakers used to be the Minneapolis Lakers.In Minneapolis there are alot of lakes so they called them The Lakers.Then They moved it to LosAngeles so they were called the Losangeles Lakers.Over it all,Lakers rule! :D

Why are lakers better than everyone else?

They are so good because they have Kobe Bryant, Paul Gasol, and Andrew Bynum.

Are the lakers good?

They r the worst team ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much money do the Lakers make?

depends how good you are

Are lakers the best?

In my opinion, they are not the best in either the Western Conference or in the NBA. The Celtics, in my opinion, are the best team in the NBA. The Lakers are no doubt good, but they are not the best team. In the Western Conference? Yes. But you can't really say who the best is until the NBA season is over and a team wins the NBA championship. But the Lakers are definitely in the running. In my opinion, Lakers are my favorite team and are very good. I'm rooting for them to beat Denver and Orlando Magic to beat Cleavland so Lakers can kick Orlando's you know what. Go Lakers, but in the Beijing Olympics the American team was the best (redemption team) it had the best players.

Was the lakers move for ron artest good?

Yea. Ron Artest is good.

Who is better lakers or the suns?

1999- Lakers 2000- Lakers 2001- Lakers 2002- Lakers 2003- Lakers 2004- Lakers 2005- Suns 2006- Suns 2007- Suns 2008- Lakers 2009- Lakers

Why are the lakers so bad at basketball?

There're not.

Who was on the first Minnesota lakers?

first is is Minneapolis not minnesota lakers i remember some good players as George Mikan and Vern Mikkelsen.

Why are the Heat and the Lakers so pathetic?

because they suck and so does basketball

What team did Kobe Bryant win his first championship ring?

he won the championship with lakers, he was never traded so therefore it was the lakers

What types of games did wampanoag children play?

lakers are good you are bad.

Which NBA team is better in NBA history San Antonio Spurs or Los Angeles lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers have won 16 championships, but there is one teams that has more, the Boston Celtics with 17, so out of The Spurs and The Lakers i would probably go with the Lakers.

How many NBA titles do the LA Lakers?

The number of championships the LA Lakers have won is 10. 2009-10 Los Angeles Lakers 2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers 2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers 2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers 1999-00 Los Angeles Lakers 1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers 1984-85 Los Angeles Lakers 1981-82 Los Angeles Lakers 1979-80 Los Angeles Lakers 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers The Lakers franchise has won 15 altogether. 1953-54 Minneapolis Lakers 1952-53 Minneapolis Lakers 1951-52 Minneapolis Lakers 1949-50 Minneapolis Lakers 1948-49 Minneapolis Lakers

What city does the lakers represent?

la lakers=los angeles lakers