Why are the Olympics held?

for people to see or watch to see how people do thing and why. and to so if you had a question like who is the best swimmer you can see on the olimpics.

The Olympics exist to try and bring the nations of the world together competing in sports in a peaceful way. The Berlin Olympics of 1936 did not prevent WWII from occurring (and Americans Jews were prohibited from attending). The Munich Massacre of September 1972, in which Israeli athletes were murdered by Palestine commandos, (with the help of East Germany), showed that the Olympics do need tight security as did the bombing of the Atlanta Olympics. For the most part, the Olympics have shown that the world can compete in sports in a peaceful way, but, the Olympics can not work miracles. If people hate one another outside of the Olympics, they are not going to love one another because of the Olympics. Security has been an important part of the Olympics since 1972 and will continue to remain. Wars are still going to take place in spite of the Olympic spirit.