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They arent ashamed. In a deleted scene in hpatdhp1 petunia admits to harry that the reason they are so mean to him is that its to much of a reminder to petunia that she lost a sister. REMEBER LILY POTTER!🌸

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Why is dumbuldore on private drive?

In the first Harry Potter book, Dumbledore is waiting for Hagrid so that he can deliver Harry and the letter to the Dursleys.

Do the Dursleys die in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'?

no i don't think so jk Rowling never mentioned them dieing

How was harry created by this family in first book?

Harry was raised by the Dursleys in the first book which was Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone because Voldemort murdered his parents and he survived and so since the Dursleys were the closest or only family members he had left he was forced to go live with the muggles.

What happened the night that Voldemort killed the Potters?

They died for Harry for love they knew that this would happend so he killed James Potter first. And Lily begged for Harry's Life so, when she died Harry was under his mother's charm and when Voldemort tryed to kill Harry Potter and killed him instead of Harry Potter. So, and Hagrid picked him up and stop and saw Sirius Black. And when brought him tho the Dursleys. LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER! Watch Harrison Potter and the Phiospher's Stone 1/5 on Youtube!

Where does the fictional character of Harry Potter live?

Well, do you mean when he is with the Dursleys? If so, Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey. In Europe, if you need it any clearer.

Why are the dursleys so mean to harry?

Because they know he is a wizard.

How did Harry Potter discover that he was a wizard?

The Dursleys fled from their home to avoid the letters Harry Potter was receiving from Hogwarts and ended up staying in a hut on a rock during a predicted storm. Rubeus Hagrid decided it was time to deliver Harry's letter in person so arrived at the hut just as Harry turned eleven years old.Hagrid then discovers that Harry didn't know he was a wizard and tells him, despite Uncle Vernon's protests.

What date did Harry Potter live with the Dursley family?

I believe the books start in 1991 at which point Harry is 11, he starts livign with Dursleys when 18 months old so by a quick calculation we can say it was probably late 1981.

Who is Anre Rieu?

Andre Rieu's debilic brother. They are so ashamed of him he has to live in the basement, like a less attractive Harry Potter. Poor, poor Anre.

Was Oprah in Harry Potter?

Everybody in the Harry Potter movies must be British unless their character is foreign There are no Americans in Harry Potter so no, Oprah is not in Harry Potter.

How was Harry Potter told his parents died?

He was told by Hagrid, after the Dursleys had lied to him that they died in a car crash, so he did know they died, but just didnt know how. Until Hagrid told him of course.

Where does Harry sleep in the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

Harry Potter slept in the cupboard under the stairs at his aunt and uncles house, number 4 Privet Drive.In the book, the first letter arrives addressed to his cupboard so the Dursleys move him into the smallest bedroom in the house. This was cut from the movie.

Did mouthouy die in Harry Potter?

There is no 'mouthouy' in the Harry Potter, so the answer is no.

Are there any Harry Potter fanfics where Harry does magic in front of the Dursleys and doesn't get into trouble and he has fun with it?

yeah in the 7th book and in the 5th book........in the 5th book he needed to defend himself against a dementor so go figure but no spoilers for the 7th

What is the eigth Harry Potter called?

There is no Harry Potter 8, but Harry Potter 7 is called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. They are going to split Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows and make it into 2 movies since it is so long.

Will there be a Harry Potter movie about his children?

i think so because harry potter is so much hit that everyone wants to see the movie of harry potter children and granchildren.

Does Harry Potter have a scar in real life?

Harry Potter is not real. So, technically, NO!

Why was Harry Potter created?

Rowling had a sudden idea of harry potter on a train ride so she wrote what is now known as the Harry Potter series.

What Harry Potter seesor feels when he is in the library in Harry Potter and philosopher'sstone?

You can find the answer on a website called Fanfiction. There are fic where people write about Harry Potter reading Harry Potter and The philosopher's stone and so on...

Why did the dursleys move to the ocean in Harry Potter?

The Dursleys move to the ocean hut to escape his school letters. For some time before his birthday, letters were coming to (although he didn't know it at the time) notify him that term would be starting soon. However, the Dursleys didn't want him to go to Hogwarts, so they tried to keep him from reading any of the letters. As the number of letters increased, the Dursleys became more desperate to escape them, and therefore moved to the hut on the island in the sea.

Who the potter puppet pals based on?

they are based on harry potter charachtors and they are so funny! harry potter i love u!

What did Harry Potter do in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Search for horcruxes so he can kill voldemort

Who is the Dursleys nephew?

It's actually Harry, because Dudley is their son and Harry is the son of Petunia's sister, Lily, so he is Petunia's nephew.

How is Harry Potter a protangonist?

In literature, a protagonist is the main character. Harry Potter is the main and prominent character in the Harry Potter Series, so that makes him the protagonist.

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