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The movies do not tell why the Dwarves are hated in The Hobbit and The Hobbit DoS. However, it is believed that past wars and experiences are the reason the Dwarves are hated.

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Yes there is many Dwarves in the hobbit. I think it is 13.

The dwarves are Bilbo's friends for most of the Hobbit.

The leader of the dwarves in The Hobbit is Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thrain, son of Thror.

Fíli and Kíli were the youngest of the 13 Dwarves.

it was the dwarves in from the cut

The dwarves are happy because they are treated well with great houses.

There is only one hobbit in the book, and that is Bilbo Baggins. Although, there are 13 dwarves in the book.

They dwarves and the hobbit hear the Wargs howling.

Elrond, strictly speaking, does not *say* anything about dwarves' love of gold or the wickedness of dragons. We are given a look at his thoughts on these in the following passage from The Hobbit " A Short Rest.""He took it [Thorin's map] and gazed long at it, and he shook his head; for if he did not altogether approve of dwarves and their love of gold, he hated dragons and their cruel wickedness..."

The dwarves have found their treasure, which is what they came for, and for that they are very glad. But Bilbo just wants to be back in his hobbit-hole again!

Tolkien's dwarves were obsessed with getting one thing: treasure.


BalinBifurBofurBomburDoriDwalinFíliGlóinKíliThorin OakenshieldÓinOriNori

There are lots of creatures in The Hobbit. There are hobbits, elves, dwarves, and wizards to begin with...

Thorin is driven by his lost inheritence, as well as his own arrogance. He has a little magic at his command, but foremost he has his loyal dwarves (and Hobbit) to support him.

Bilbo Baggins is the only hobbit in the Hobbit. The rest of the main characters are dwarves, wizards, men, elves, and a dragon.

It was the first day of the dwarves

Thorin is son of Thrain who was king of the dwarves.

Aule, the smith of the Valar. He made the seven fathers of the dwarves and Eru gave them life.

The main problem in the Hobbit is that the dwarves want to reclaim their ancestral home, but there is a dragon living in it.

Thorin Oakenshield was the head of the group of dwarves.

The Lonely Mountain is what is marked on the map.

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