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Why are the first few shifts into 1st and 2nd gear hard and grinding even with clean hydraulic clutch fluid?


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2006-07-14 08:44:29
2006-07-14 08:44:29

The clutch is not being released all the way, or the clutch disk is damaged.- Or in cooler weather, you will have to delay the time that you change gears, as the transmission fluid's viscosity is thicker, and the blocker rings/sychronyzers take a little longer to allow a proper shift. If you have ATF in your tranny, then it wouldn't be a problem, but then you will have to start suspecting a bad clutch disk. OR OIL IN TRANSMISSION IS TOO THICK. SOUNDS LIKE THE PROBLEM! DOES IT GET BETTER AFTER CAR GETS HOT? YEP THATS IT, TOO THICK!


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A list of Preventive Maintenance Task for a Hydraulic System could be: Change the (could be the return or pressure filter) hydraulic filter. Obtain a hydraulic fluid sample. Filter hydraulic fluid. Check hydraulic actuators. Clean the inside of a hydraulic reservoir. Clean the outside of a hydraulic reservoir.

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Yes, I definitely would. Replace the hydraulic oil not the container. The container is fine, just flush it and the hydraulic system out clean.

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It's hydraulic, so there is no adjustment possible. If it is slipping, either change your oil to a different barnd of motorcycle oil, or replace the clutch plates. I have also heard of putting a few ounces of Mavel Mystery Oil in with the oil for a few miles, and then changing the oil. Sometimes this will clean the "crud" off the plates.

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You do not lubricate a clutch - You clean it. If you lubricate it will slip and it will collect dust and dirt from the belt and it will bung it up..

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