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Why are the gears harder to shift going up and down on a '96 Ford Taurus?

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You may have a clutch problem if the engine and transmission are not being fully disconnected during clutch pedal operation. The clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder are directly related to clutch operation, if these are not working properly it will cause your clutch to slip. If you can locate an inspection cover or hole at the front of the transmission you can actually watch while a helper operates the pedal to see if the clutch is disengaging from the flywheel. You might notice a change in pedal feel this also indicates a problem. The other problem you could be having is an internal transmission problem consisting of damaged or worn shift syncronizers. Syncronizers are placed between every gear inside your trans. they provide the smooth mesh of gears while operating the gear shifter. Your trans will have to be removed and overhauled or replaced if this is the problem

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Why does my 89toy auto will shift up but not down.?

Well how well do you shift if you grind your gears alot you are grinding ff the points on the gears hence its harder to put in gear.

Why shift gears on a bike when going up hill?

You need to shift gears on a bike when going up a hill because if you have a gear too high, it will become harder and you will eventually become tired. On a lower gear will help you because it will be easier.Tip: If you see a hill start peddling really fast to get a head start so it will not be that hard!

Is it bad to shift into lower gears while your car is in drive?

no, but dont shift the trans to first when you are going 70

Why gears stick is loose on Hyundai?

Your shift linkage maybe going out... ~DJM

Where is the shift module on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

were is the shift module on a 1997 Ford Taurus

Why won't my truck shift gears?

Your truck may not shift gears because the transmission sensor is damaged or broken. It also may not shift gears because the transmission or linkage is damaged.

My Mercury Mystique dont shift gears fast?

my merucry mystique dont shift gears fast

Where is the shift solenoid located 2001 Ford Taurus?

where is the transmission shift solenoid on 2001 ford taurus

Could the muffler be the reason why a car will not shift gears going up a ramp?

i wouldn't think so ....it shouldn't affect the gears ...5spd get your clutch looked at

Is it safe to up shift two gears at the time on a motorcycle?

Yes, providing you are not going to stall out when you release the clutch.

What does it mean for a paradigm shifting without a clutch?

Unless the speed of the gears are in sync, it's going to be a grinding shift.

Can you down shift on motorcycles?

Yes motorcycle gears will shift up and down.

What causes the gears in a Mercedes Benz A class 160 automatic gearbox to slip and not shift up to higher gears?

One of the most common causes of gears in a Mercedes Benz A class 160 automatic gearbox to slip and not shift up to higher gears is a bad transmission. If the transmission is failing, or not working properly, you won't get the gears to shift up.

How do you shift gears of a 1977 suzuki gs 400?

one down, the rest up. that is, from neutral, first gear is down, then as the bike gets going, click the shifter up for progressive gears.

Where is the button to turn off the overdrive on a 1999 Ford Taurus?

Your transmission gear selector has a " D " next to the " 1 " , if you select that position it does not shift into overdrive . It just uses the first 3 gears

What is wrong with your transmission when it takes a while to shift into gear?

Most Likely needs time to warm up. Oil is thicker when its cold so Lubrication between gears can be harder.

You have 1995 Kawasaki Bayou ATV the shifter sticks between gears and when it does shift its a hard shift?

My guess would be you shift shaft teeth are worn or your clutch is going out. Also check and see if the shifter is rubbing and catching on anything.

What is a shift celluloid?

I think you are referring to a shift solenoid on a car. If so, this sends signals to the transmission computer to tell it when to shift gears either higher or lower depending on demand such as going uphill, passing or reaching cruise speed.

How can you shift gears on Gran Turismo for psp?

their is no point in shifting gears just set in automatically

How do you shift gears in a 2010 mack end dump truck?

That depends on what your transmission is. If you don't know how to shift an unsynchronised transmission, you need to have someone teach you, hands-on. You're not going to get it simply by reading about it.

How do you know when clutch fails?

You will be unable to shift gears

What does a transmission in a car do?

The transmission allows you to shift gears.

How do i stop my cluth from going to the floor when i shift gears?

Your pressure plate and throw out bearing in your clutch assembly are worn out...time for a new clutch

What makes the gears of a transmission grind?

Too fast or slow of rpm for gear your trying to switch into A bad or going bad shift synchronizer

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