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The ionic radii of metallic elements is smaller than its atomic radii, because the ion has less electrons. This gives it a smaller electron cloud and makes the atom smaller.

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Q: Why are the ionic radii of metallic elements smaller than the atomic radii of the same elements?
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What kind of elements compose an ionic bond?

metallic and nonmetallic elements

What happens to the atomic radius when an electron is lost?

the positive ionic radius is smaller than the neutral atomic radius

Which element would fluorine form an ionic bond with?

All of the metallic elements will form an ionic bond with fluorine.

Is sodium chlorate ionic or covalent?

Sodium chlorate is an ionic substance, as it consists of a metal (sodium) and non-metallic elements.

Classify the following bonds as ionic covalent or neither O atomic number 8 F atomic number 9 Na atomic number 11 Cl atomic number 17 U atomic number 92?

You haven't stated any bonds, you have just given a list of elements. Those elements can form various compounds, some having ionic bonds and some having covalent bonds. Uranium can also form metallic bonds.

What is the relationship between the atomic numbers and ionic radii of the elements in the group 3A?

I think that the ionic radii decrease

Is brass an ionic compound?

Brass is a metallic compound (having a metallic bond). The two elements that make it up are both metals; Copper and Zinc.

Is metallic radius only for metals?

Yes. There are other measures for ions (ionic radius) and free atoms(atomic radius) and covalent radius. Metallic, ionic and covalent are based on measurements of distances in crystals or covelnt bond lengths, atomic radius is based more on calcuation than observation.

What happens to an atomic radius when an electrons is lost?

The positive ionic radius is smaller than the neutral atomic radius

What type of bond does KCl have Why?

metallic bond is present in KCL because all metal have metallic bond.

What alkali metal is diatomic?

No metals form molecules; they only exist as ionic compounds or metallic elements or alloys.

Why do elements form bond?

Elements form bonds because of the attractions between atoms or ions. There are several types of bonds such as ionic, covalent and metallic bonds.