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Why are the lyrics of rap always downing women?

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cuz guys treat them as just sexual objects

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What are the lyrics to the Patel Rap?

type 'patel rap lyrics' into youtube

What can you tell me about rap and music?

Well rap music has a catchy beat but the lyrics aren't always friendly, there are some nice Christian rap bands like Lecrae.

Where can I find chicano rap lyrics?

You can find chicano rap lyrics here:

What rap song has the lyrics wherever you go bitches always know?

By group Hollywood Undead.

Where could one find a database of different rap lyrics?

There are many sites on the internet that offer lyrics for rap. Rap Genius is by far the most popular site to get rap lyrics. Another one being AZlyrics that has all rap songs from A to Z.

What are the lyrics to the Jay and Silent Bob rap?

The lyrics to the Jay and Silent Bob rap can be found online on various websites that offer rap lyrics. You can find it online on websites such as Wikilyrics as well.

What is the rap song with the lyrics rap city rap rap city at the start?

rack city- By Tyga

Does rap music have paragraphs?

no it has lyrics

Where can you get printable rap lyrics?

metro lyrics de sara varela

How do you write the lyrics to a rap song?

If you listen to rap music, you will get the idea of how it is done.

What is a characteristic of rap rock?

Rap is characterized by fast lyrics and a strong beat.

How are the lyrics of rap today peaceful?

What a question. I personally can't find peace or comfort in lyrics that contain messages of cop-killing, gun violence and degradation of women.Not all rap is like that of course but most seems to be.If I had a list of ten things the world would be better off without, Rap would be high on that list.

What are the lyrics to the rap My Silly Bandz?


Which lyrics did Benni McCarthy rap?


Are rock music lyrics more poetic than rap music lyrics?


Does rap insult women?

Sometimes I suppose its only music if woman don't like it then we can always not listen

What is the Rap lyrics for the bill of rights?

dese nuts

What is a G in Urban rap lyrics?

It's a gangster

Can anyone write some rap lyrics for me?

Yes i will.

Do rap music degrade women?

only fake rap

How does rap music affects women?

Rap affects women since it has words and sentences refered to women that can make them feel bad

Where can one find the lyrics for Swang by TRAE?

Metro Lyrics has the lyrics for Swang by TRAE. Youtube also has videos with the lyrics playing in the video. AZ Lyrics and Lyrics Mania also has the lyrics for this rap.

What does spittin lyrics mean?

Quickly saying lyrics in a song, the term usually used for rap battles

Meaning of G used in rap by tupac?

G stands for Gangster its being used in many rap lyrics

What are the features of rap music?

Rap music is an up tempo usually loud piece of music. Even though I hate Rap we are doing about in school so I decided to answer this question. The lyrics in rap are made up of rhyming couplets although the poetry used doesn't have to always fuly rhyme just like wrinkles and pimples.