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Why are the prime minister and king or queen the main ones in charge in Canada?

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Canada's government is a constitutional monarchy which means a king or queen shares power with an elected leader. the queen of England, queen elisabeth II has no political power over Canada any more and is just a political figurehead or a ceramonial leader. the prime minister, steven Harper has all the power.

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Does Canada have a prime minister King or a Queen?

Yes. Canada has a Prime Minister and a Queen.

Who is in charge of the federal government of canada?

The Prime Minister, not the Queen or any Royal or Royal position. Canada is a democracy.

Is the head of state in Canada the Prime Minister or The Queen?

The Queen is the head of state. The Prime Minister is the head of government. The Queen is represented in Canada by the Governor General.

Who is in charge of England the Queen or prime minister?

The queen is in charge of the country and the Prime Minster is like the Deputy of the country. But they are massiveresponsibilities.

Who is the queen representive in Canada?

Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister of Canada

Who is the head of government in Canada?

Canada's head of Government is the prime minister.The Prime Minister.Their are ceremonial heads including the Governor General and the Queen of Canada.

Is Queen Elisibeth the ruler of Canada or is the prime minister?

The Queen is Head of State, and therefore ruler of Canada. The Prime Minister is Head of Government, which is Queen's method of ruling, and is answerable to the Queen. In practice, she will only intervene if there is a constitutional crisis and allows Canada autonomy.

Does the queen rule Canada or does the Prime Minister?

Her Majesty the Queen of Canada is the head of State. Executive government and authority is vested in the Queen by the Canadian constitution. The Queen is represented by the Governor General, a viceroy/vicereign appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Canadian prime minister. All decisions of the Government of Canada, bills passed by Parliament, and judicial decisions are given force by the Queen's authority (as the Queen-in-Council, the Queen-in-Parliament and the Queen on the Bench).The prime minister is the head of Government. He advises the Governor General (and on occasions the Queen) on the exercise of executive power and authority. The vast majority of executive acts performed by the Queen, or the Governor General, are done so on the constitutional "advice" of the prime minister or other ministers who are accountable to the House of Commons.So, though the Queen reigns as sovereign, most decisions rest with the prime minister.

How are the governor generals in Canada picked?

The Governor General of Canada is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, on the personal recommendation of the Prime Minister of Canada. There is currently no formal process by which the Prime Minister receives external advice, nor by which the choice of the Prime Minister is vetted.

Who hires the prime minister of Canada?

The power to appoint the prime minister of Canada rests with Her Majesty the Queen of Canada. However, many of the Queen's executive functions (the appointments of prime ministers included) are exercised by Her Majesty's representative, the Governor General of Canada.

Is Canada a rebublic?

No, Canada is a constitutional monarchy with a Queen as head of state and Prime Minister as head of the government.

Is the prime minister head of state in Canada?

No, the Queen is the Head of State, with the Governor General representing her in Canada.

Does Canada have a king and queen or president?

Her Majesty the Queen of Canada is the Canadian monarch.The Queen is the Canadian head of State, and the prime minister is the Canadian head of Government.

Who is more important the queen or the prime minister?

The Prime minister, the queen has no real power.

Who is a president and prime minister of Canada?

The Prime Minister of Canada is Justin Trudeau. Canada is a monarchy under Queen Elizabeth II, and thus has a governor general instead of a president. The current Governor General of Canada is David Johnston.

What is the leader of the government called in Canada?

Her Majesty the Queen. But I think the answer you were looking for was "Prime Minister".

How do you become the governor general of Canada?

Her Majesty the Queen of Canada appoints the Governor General (on the advice of the prime minister).

Who is Canada's ruler?

Canada is led by a Prime Minister, with a Queen or King as Head of State, but there is not really a ruler of Canada.

If England has a queen US has a president Canada has a prime minister what do other countries have?

Queen Elizabeth II is also queen of Canada. A monarchy has a monarch (king or queen) and a republic has a president. In a Constitutional Monarchy, the monarch takes no part in the day to day running of the country and has a Prime Minister to fulfil that role.

Who was in charge of Britain in 1877?

Benjamin_Disraeliwas the Prime Minister, Victoria was the Queen.

How is the Canadian governor general chosen?

Canadian governors general are appointed by Her Majesty the Queen of Canada, on the advice of the prime minister. The prime minister has nearly complete personal discretion in recommending an appointment to the Queen.

Who was Canada ruled by?

Canada is not technically ruled by anyone, the queen is affiliated with Canada but she does not rule Canada. A prime minister is like a president which is the closest to ruling in Canada.

Do Spain have a prime minister president king queen?

prime minister

What is the difference between the election of a prime minister and the election of a president in Canada?

There is no President in Canada. the head of State is Queen Elizabeth the Second

Who repersents the queen in Canada?

Her Majesty the Queen of Canada is represented by the Governor General of Canada.The Governor General is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the prime minister. Her Majesty is currently represented by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean.