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The harder places to hit are smaller and more points. Also, for the bulls eye, it needs to be a circle because it's an eye! by layout if you mean the way the numbers are arranged...

- It's done mainly to punish inaccuracy i.e if your aiming for 20 there is a chance of hitting 1 or 5 on either side.

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Why the number arrangement on the dart board?

Go to "Why are the dart numbers arranged the way they are".

Why are the keys on a key board laid out the way they are?

A key board is laid out the same as a typer writer.

How does a horse hair dart board work?

The hairs are oriented forward (towards the player) in this way, a steel tip dart will slide in between the hairs as it hits the board. The deeper the dart penetrates the more resistance the dart will encounter, slowing it to a halt. the outside of the board is banded in steel or leather to keep the hairs tightly bunched. These boards tend to last longer than cork or paper, and they are more gentle on darts.

Why are the highest and lowest judges scores disregarded in tallying the total score in a gymnastics competetion?

The highest and lowest scores in a gymnastics competition are thrown out so that the average scores are what is counted across the board. This both helps and harms the gymnast if they have an extreme score either way.

How can you get your SAT scores online if I am only 12 and I can't have a college board account?

Unfortunately, Duke TIP (as I assume if you are 12 you are in the TIP Program; if not, it doesn't matter) has not set up a way to get a college board account for its students. The only was is to lie about your age. It's a bit complicated, but it's the only way to get your scores. I don't know why it's like this.

What is a good way to get cheered up?

My best way of cheering up is sitting on the sofa in front of the telly watching my favourite film and eating a bar of chocolate! Or you could go out for a walk and get some fresh air. Countolly, the dark vamp queen says... Get a dart board and the picture of that person who hurt you and pin it up onto the dart board. 1. try to aim at the heart (or the face) 2.DESTROY THEM!!! (on the dart board) 3. don't accept any appoligiesJUST PUNCH EM PUNCH EM I TELL YOU!!! -Countolly- the low in sugar one. TOOOOO HYPER!!!

How do you make a streamline dart out of a buzzbee dart?

Unfortunately, there is no possible way to do this since the head of the Streamline and the Buzz Be darts are different, and the stem of the dart is significantly shorter than that of a regular Nerf Dart.

How do you work out a 3 dart average?

the quick way is to add up the number od darts to finish the game (incuding 0 scores/missed doubles) then do this some: where: n is the number of darts thrown x is the 3 dart average. X = (501/n) * 3 eg (501/9)*3 = 167

Is the mean median and mode a good way to describe test scores?

yes it is a good way to describe test scores answer

What is the total of all the numbers on a standard dart board?

On a dartboard the numbers from 1 through 20 are represented. If you add 1 + 2 +3... all the way to 20, you get 210. Hope this answers your question.

How do you use the word laid in a sentence?

A stone was laid as a memorial, He wanted to get laid (inf. slang for sexual intercourse) In a day, 3 eggs are laid by each hen. In 1848 North street was laid out. These buttons are laid out in a stupid way.

How do you remove a set of dart points?

If your points aren't too short, the easiest way to remove your dart points is to put the dart with the dart point in a pop-rivet gun, squeeze the trigger and your point will stay in the rivet gun and your barrell will fall out minus the point, easy!

What do breadboards do?

In the kin of electronics, breadboards are used for experimental testing of circuits. Once a circuit is laid out on the board, components can be easily added or taken out of the circuit. No soldering is required on the board as there are specialized clips that hold the components firmly. Once the circuit is tested and works the way it was designed to a PC board is designed to take the components

How to throw darts?

Do not lean so far forward that you are off balance. Stand with your whole arm between you and the board, with your elbow pointed at the floor or pointed at the molding between the floor and the wall. It might help to stand sideways at the oche in order to force your elbow down. Hold the dart in a way that feels natural, but make sure you have enough contact with the dart to give it direction. Aim, then throw the dart into the target with a steady fluid motion, and follow through with a slight flick of the wrist as you release. DO NOT MOVE YOUR BODY as you throw the dart.

What is the proper way to address a school board?

Proper way to address a school board

Why is a dart board numbered the way it is?

the simplest answer is that they're arranged so higher numbers are surrounded by lower numbers, placing more importance on accuracy. you'd do well using a google search of your exact question- there is plenty of info out there for you.

Where is the 4 way flasher on a 1969 dodge dart?

It's in the fuse box

What does structure in writing mean?

its the way it is laid out on the page

How are poison dart frogs a part of the ecosystem?

They are part of the ecosystem because that way when endangered predators don't eat the poison dart frog they live helping the environment!

What is robinhooding in darts?

It's when one dart sticks into the back end of another, for example, you throw a dart into the 20, and another dart flies exactly the same way and sticks into the end of the flight, or sometimes the stem. Thanks, Dylan H M

What is an instinctual adaptation poison dart frogs have?

The insects the frog eat consume toxic plants , and then when the dart frog consumes the insect it then consume the toxins which then they find their way to the skin.

What characteristic of solitaire did Mendeleev use?

The way the cards were laid out :)

What is the way the printed page is laid out called?

page format

What does the phrase for who laid the chunk mean?

It means "way back when"

What does it mean when a person is laid up indefinitely?

"Laid up" is a slang way of saying they are incapacitated by illness or accident. If someone is laid up indefinitely, they are sick or injured and there is no way to determine when they will be well again. The image is of someone lying in bed, unable to get up and get on with their life.