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my answerbecause that's the way they were made and they started out green until they were fully grown and rippended and then they turnded red. THE RIGHT ANSWER:Its because even though the tomato is fully grown, the seeds are still young, thus green. Over time they will turn brown. The correct answerThe seeds are green because they contain chlorophill, even when inside the tomato they absorb light for photosynthesis. as they mature the outer shell hardens to protect the embrio and the chlorophill dies away leaving the seed brown. in fact seed companies use this to determine when the seeds are mature enough for harvesting as the level of chloroplasts is negetivly related to the maturity of the seed and an imature seed will not germinate.
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Do green tomato have seeds?

All tomatoes have seeds

Where do you plant tomato seeds?

In trays and then put them in green house

Can you eat green tomato seeds?

Yes, they aren't harmful.

If the seeds are green in a tomato is it edible or a sign it is not ready to eat?

It is edible.

What colour is a ripe tomato?

Red not Green or Orange, but Red

ARe green beans fruit?

In fact, a Tomato and a green bean are indeed a fruit. Any thing with a seed in it is a fruit. Green beans have seeds so they are a fruit. Tomato's have seeds as well so a tomato is also a fruit. A tomato is acutely a berry but many people refer a berry as a fruit so you can can say a tomato is a fruit.

How does a green tomato turn red?

It ripens

Which color apple has the most seeds green or red?

I think red and green apples, have about the same amount of seeds!

Are green seeds in a tomato edible?

yes All seeds are edible and you could eat the pips in an apple if you wanted.

Is a green tomato the same as an unripe red tomato?

no, it just happens to be the same color.

Is a green tomato edible like the red?


What kind of caterpillar is green and red?

tomato worms

Which plastid for conversion of green tomato to red?


Are there different kinds of tomato seeds?

There are many different tomato seeds. On a recent program, P. Allen Smith had a show about tomato tasting. Carmel Tomato Fest had over 300 different varieties. The green zebra variety looked very interesting.

Why is the inside of a tomato green?

If the inside of the tomato you are looking at is green, that means it is not ripe and should be given time to mature into a red color.

What is a Mexican tomato called?

There are two kinds: green tomato called "tomate verde" and red tomato called "jitomate".

How do you get growing seeds from a tomato?

what do you mean by that? taking growing seeds from a tomato or planting tomato seeds that will grow?

Why do you remove seeds from tomato?

Because tomato seeds are difficult to digest and it is said that tomato seeds promote stone formation in the body.

What are the different colours of pasta?

Red - tomato Green - spinach

Why tomato changes it color from green to red?

Due to lycopene

What can lack of chlorophyll do to germinating tomato seeds in a cupboard?

WELL, first you need to know what chlorophyll and germinating means. The plant is green, so a green tomato.germinating means growing. It will make the tomato green, EASY!!

Is a green tomato turning red a chemical change?

nope!.. its physical change.. because its still a tomato...^^

What part of tomato do you eat?

The red parts of it, basically all of the tomato except the green leafy areas.

Are green beans a vegetable?

no it is not a vegetable because it has seeds, if it was a vegetable it would not have any seeds ex. potato it is a fruit because it has seeds ex. tomato, olives

Which apples have the most seeds red or green?

the green apples have the most seeds because if you take 3 green 3 red and 3 yellow and have them the same size and you cut them in half and you count all the seeds and then you have your anwser.