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Both have no lone pairs.They have even bonds

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Q: Why are the structures CH4 and SiH4 so similar?
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What is the mass of 9.30 moles of SiH4?

The molar mass of SiH4 is approximately 32.117 grams per mole. So, 9.30 moles of SiH4 has a mass of 298.69 grams.

What is the mass of 9.30 moles of SiH4 in grams?

The molar mass of SiH4 is approximately 32.117 grams per mole. So, 9.30 moles of SiH4 has a mass of 298.69 grams.

Why are the structures of H2S and H2O so similar?


What is it called when Structures that have a similar evolutionary origin and structure but are adapted for different purposes?

It is either homologous structures or homozygous structures. Embryological structures are when different species of animals look similar in the earliest stage of development and Analogous structures are when animals look different but their function is basically the same. So just look up homologous structures and homozygous structures in your Bio book!!

Why bh3 polymerizes but not ch4?

because ch4 has an octett and bh3 not so it dimerises to b2h6

Why are homologous series of carbon compound so called?

They are said to be homologous because they have similar structures.

The structure of the forelimb of a bird is similar in structure to that of the forelimb of a mammal?

Though they are similar, they are homologous structures. The forelimbs are anatomically similar . So they have a common ancestor but they have evolved with different uses.

How many moles of CH4 are in 4 grams of CH4?

First divide 4 by 16.So answer is 0.25

How much carbon dioxide does natural gas produce?

CH4 --> CO2 is a 1 to 1 reaction (C-balanced) when burning with oxygen. So 1 mole CH4 --> 1 mole CO2 So 1 Litere CH4 --> 1 Liter CO2 So 16 grams CH4 --> 44 grams CO2

In testing rockets why were chimps used instead of other?

Because their bodies are like humans. They have similar structures to us, so if they can survive, so can we.

How are bird and mammals similar?

They are warmblooded animals. Both are vertebrates and so the bone structures are broadly similar. Birds are more closely related to Reptiles than to mammals.

If 50 l of gaseous CH4 is burned at STP what volume of 02 is required for complete combustion and what volume of CO2 is produced?

CH4 + 2 O2 -> CO2 + 2 H2O So for every L of CH4 you need 2 L of O2 So for 50L of CH4 you need 100L O2

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