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tulips are called tulips from the word tulipa gesneriana

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How many petals are tulips flowers have?

a tulip has six petals

Do tulips produce flowers and fruit?

Tulips flower in early spring, and grow from a bulb. The bulb is the storehouse of the tulip. The tulip breeds by forming bulb-lets attached to the main bulb, and grow in clumps.

What is the name of tulips in Tamil language?

Tulip there are different types of tulip,generally called alli in tamil tulip - அல்லி மலர் indian tulip - பூவரசம்பூ

Does a bee pollinate a tulip?

Yes, bees pollinate tulips.Specifically, the bright colors of tulip flowers attract bees. Tulip flowers have both female and male reproductive parts. The stamen holds pollen, and the stigma receives pollen when a bee makes a landing. Tulip seed production will be the result.

How many tulips are there in a tulip field?

a quarter of a million tulips bloom every year at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

How does one sign up for tulip delivery?

"There is an organization called Tulip Delivery that can send you fresh Tulips, including Holland Tulips just about every day of the week. If you visit their website you can find an e-mail address and request a tulip delivery."

What is the phylum of a tulip?

Tulips are angiosperms.

All of my flowers except two are roses. All of my flowers except two are tulips. All of my flowers except two are daisies how many flowers do i have and what are they?

You have three flowers. One rose, one tulip, and one daisy. *********************************************** Well actually there are two solutions: You can have three flowers: a rose, a tulip, and a daisy OR you can have two flowers: a carnation and a geranium

Do tulip have sepals?

Tulips have petals and sepals that look alike so technically they are called tepals.

What are the exports of norway?

tulips and tulip bulbs

What are black tulips?

A black speiceices of tulip

How many tulips in the tulip festival?

There is about 6900

What companies offer tulip delivery?

Are you looking for a truly dazzling arrangement? From You Flowers tulips arrangements for delivery at unbelievable prices are the perfect gift. Florist arranged bouquets with red tulips, pink tulips and more! Same day delivery is available.

How many sepals does a tulip have?

A typical tulip has six sepals. There are some types of tulips like the star- or cup-shaped tulips that only have three.

What is the scientific name for the tulip?

The botanical name for the tulip is - Tulipa Tulips are from the family of - Liliaceae

What is a Queen of the night tulip?

It is a black tulip, but black tulips do not exist. So the black tulips are a deep dark shade of purple, in which stands for Queen of the Night.

Does ebony come from a tulip tree?

No, nor do tulips.

What type of root does a tulip have?

tulips are grown from bulbs

What kind of flowers are on your face riddle?

tulips (two lips...)

What flowers start with the letter T?

tulips tulips

Are tulips and flowers different?

No. Tulips are a kind of flower.

What is a tulip?

Tulip is a spring flower that grows from a bulb. Many of the tulips come from the Netherlands. Holland, Michigan is also famous for its tulip display.

Are blue tulips rare?

Blue tulips are actually quite rare. Back in the day tulips were the rage. Almost everyone grew tulips and tulips made such a high price that murders were commited because of jealousy and greed for the best tulips. Tulips were often used with their bright colors to signify certain events. Now, tulips aren't that high priced. But the only tulip that you can get a high price for is the blue tulip.

Do mixed tulip flowers attract bees?

Yes, mixed tulip flowers attract bees so long as they are in the colors that the insects in question can see. Honeybees (Apis spp) see black, blue, green, purple and yellow. They will not be attracted to red or to tulips that are nectar- or pollen-poor.

Why is the national flower of Holland a tulip?

Because we have many tulips