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Aggressive water chemistry and age.

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Q: Why are the walls on your plaster pool rough?
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How do you plaster a swimming pool?

You drain the water then plaster the walls from inside

What are the steps to sand rough pool plaster?

Use a pumice stone. Get it at a pool supply store. It soft, so you may need several.

How do you paint new plaster?

There is never a reason to paint new plaster in a pool. If you keep your pool water properly balanced, brush your steps and walls weekly, your plaster will last 10-15 years and never need painting or acid washing.

When can you swim in a newly plastered pool?

I am refurbishing a 30+ year old pool. I was told by two pool companies that after the final plaster coat the pool has to be brushed for 3 days to get rid of all the rough and loose plaster, then they re-filter the water, also that if I am going to use the pool heater I cannot turn it on for 3 weeks after everything is done and the pool is refilled.

Why did they use plaster walls in the himeji castle?

The japanese put white plaster on the walls because it is fireproof

Will a pool with light gray plaster be warmer than a pool with white plaster?

From possibly to somewhat.

How do you remove the yellow stains on the walls of a plaster pool?

Let all the water out. Use any type of baking soda and scrub the walls. Then, remove the baking soda by washing down the walls with water.

Enter your question here repairing plaster walls and repainting?

does it cover repairing plaster walls and repainting and fixng plumbing

How do you clean algae off pool walls?

That depends on the type of algae. Restate your question on the specific type of algae you have and include the construction category of the pool ( plaster, vinyl, fiberglass). k

What are plaster walls made of?

There are a couple types of plaster that can be used for interior walls. One form of plaster is lime plaster; it is made up of calcium hydroxide and sand. Cement plastic is a mixture of sand, water, portland cement, and suitable plaster.

How many Layers of plaster can go on a pool?

Typically two layers of plaster are put on a swimming pool. The plaster needs to have a thickness of at least three-eighths inches, which would be two layers of plaster.

Do you have to replaster the whole pool if several leaks were found during the first plaster?

When was the replaster job done? Were there leaks before the "first" plaster job? Were those leaks determined to be in the walls of the pool or in the plumbing? To answer your question - most likely - yes. Hmm, what do you mean by several? Ken

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