Why are their many islands in Hawaii instead of one island?


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There are many islands surrounding Hawaii, but still in the Hawaii territory.

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Hawaii is a chain of many islands.

how many miles is marshall island to hawaii

There are eight "main" islands.

It is 4914.0 miles from Philadelphia to the Islands of Hawaii but to get a precise answer you have to name a specific island/It is 4914.0 miles from Philadelphia to the Islands of Hawaii but to get a precise answer you have to name a specific island.

Since Hawaii is a group of islands the exact width of each island is different throughout the island. The length of the islands is 1,522 miles.

All of the Hawaiian Islands are volcanic, but only Hawaii, the Big Island, has active volcanoes at this time.

Hawaii usually says that they have 137 islands or they say over 100 Island and eight "main" islands. Others say that the Hawaiian islands consist of hundreds of islands and islets including eight main islands.

There are over a 100 hundred small islands and 8 main larger islands that make up Hawaii. The largest island is nicknamed the big island.

Hawaii has over 100 islands, but 8 main islands.

ALL islands of Hawaii are mountains- volcanoes. Each island was at least one volcano- some islands, like Maui had 2, the Big Island more.

Over 100 islands plus the eight "main" islands of Hawaii.

because the plate tectonics formed the volcanos at different locations and at different times.

Many islands have volcanoes. Notable examples are Hawaii (the big island), Iceland, Martinique, and Sumbawa.

The us has 50 states. 1 island-Hawaii

There are over 100 but only eight "main" islands.there is 8 island that I know of

All states have islands. One state IS an island- actually, several islands- Hawaii.

Hawaii does not boarder any state. Hawaii is a group of many islands called the Hawaiian Island and it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

There are actually 164 islands that make up Hawaii, but the main Islands are Ni'ihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui, Lanai, and The Big Island (Hawai'i). The island of Kahoolawe is uninhabited, and until recent years was used as a target by the US Military.

There are many major island and island chains. The most well known set of island chains in the USA is Hawaii.

There are nine islands that form Hawaii.

There are 8 "main" islands in Hawaii.

False, it contains many island but there are eight "main" islands.

there are 8 island and there are 132 toatl but some are not on the map mahalo

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