Why are there 108 stitches on a baseball?


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108 double stitches is the standard number for a major league Baseball. The stitch number and placement affects how the baseball moves through the air when thrown.

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A baseball has 108 double stitches.

There are 108 "double" stitches on an MLB baseball.

There are 108 double stitches on a baseball (Some say 216 stitches

108 stitches in total but, only 106 visible.

There are 108 Stitches on a baseball.

108 double stitches or 216 stitches

One seem, 108 double stitches

There are 108 double stiches on a baseball. The first and last stitches are hidden. It is stiched by hand, with red wax string~

There are 108 double stitches on a baseball (which some people call 216 stitches). The first and last stitches are completely hidden. They are sewn by hand, using 88 inches of waxed red thread.

All baseballs have a total of 108 stitches exactly.

One seam 108 double stitches

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There are 108 double stitches on a baseball which some people call 216 stitches. The first and last stitches are completely hidden. They are sewn by hand, using 88 inches of waxed red thread.

Number of Stiches on a BaseballAccording to Rawlings, manufacturer of baseballs for MLB, there are "exactly 216 raised stitches" in a regulation baseball. There are 216 double stitiches and 108 single onesother way around, there are 108 double stiches or 216 single pitches in an MLB ball

It's just the way the baseball was designed, the way the stitches are applied on the ball it makes it possible for a pitcher to throw all different kinds of pitches.

All regulation baseballs for any type of competitive play, whether pro or little league should have 108 stitches. It's a staple!!

there are 546 stitches in a baseball

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the stitches on the baseball are there so the baseball can curve drop slide and do many other kind of movements... what happens is when you throw a baseball a certain way the baseball stitches catch the air and start to move in the desired way...there are 106 stitches on a baseball

No there is not difference in the stitches of a baseball and softball. The softball is just larger, but the stitches are the same.

According to the Rawlings Sporting Goods website (FanZone link) their are 108 stitches. The site states that for about a quarter of a century Rawlings has been the exclusive supplier of official game balls for MLB.

The stitches on a baseball are used to help the pitcher grip the baseball. The stitches also allow the pitcher to throw different pitches, (Curveball, knuckleball etc.)

There are stitches in a baseball to hold it together

The two figure-8 coverings are stapled to the wound ball. Then they are hand-sewn together using 88 inches of waxed red thread. There are 108 double stitches for a total of 216 in the sewing process, with the first and last completely hidden. An average of 13 to 14 minutes is required to hand-sew a baseball.

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